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These films have not been viewed by the Mountaineers History Committee. They have been identified by looking at the film can, reel, or leader.

Notes On Film Size: The size of each film is recorded like this: "16mm x 1000ft" or "16mm x 10in". The first part (16mm) is the film gauge. The second part is the footage in feet (if known) or the diameter of film on a reel in inches (including core). If the film is not on a reel (which typically means it is wound tighter and has more footage than a similarly sized reel) it is annotated "no reel".

Mountaineer Movies - Trail Trips

(8mm x 175ft) "Trail Trippers" 1952-1953

(8mm x 350ft) "Trail Trips" 1954

(8mm x 400ft) "Trail Trips" 1955 #1:

"Prairies" - January
"Heybrook" - January
"Devil's Mountain" - March
"Little Mashel Falls" - April
"Lake Samish"- April
"Deschutes Falls" - May
"Deception Pass" - May
"Christoff"- June
"Enchanted Valley" - July
"Tahoma Creek"- July
"Summerland" - August
(8mm x 350ft) "Trail Trips" 1955 #2:
"Emerald Ridge" - September
"Morse Peak" - September
"Salmon Roost" - October
"Gobblers Knob" - October
"Lake Annette" - November
"Committee Meeting" - November
(8mm x 400ft) "Trail Trips" 1956 #1:
"Boots Title"
"Corral Pass" - January
"Fort Casey" - January
"Meany" - February
"Guemes Island" - February
"Lake Bay" - March
"OTarell" - April
"Paradise" - April
"Deception Pass" - May
"Hope Island" - May
(8mm x 400ft) "Trail Trips" 1956 #2:
"Skokomish" - May
"Mt. Si" - May
"Corral Pass" - June
"Immigrant Trail" - July
"Shoe Lake" - August
"Paradise Ice Caves" - September
"Knapsack Pass" - September
"Klapatche" - September
"Salmon Bake" - October
"Lake Merritt" - October

(8mm x 400ft) "Trail Trips" 1957 #1
(8mm x 200ft) "Trail Trips" 1957 #2

(8mm x 400ft) "Trail Trips" 1958, 1961, 1962:

"Mt. Pete"
"Deception Pass" - May 11, 1958
"Knoble Knob"
"Eagle Peak"
"Ahop" (7. Reynolds)
"Christoff" (Rainier + Flowers)
"Linda Coleman Plaque"
"Everett Fish"
"Span Pole" - January
"Heybrook" - March 25,1962
"Sunset Beach with Everett" - April 15,1962

(8mm x 400ft) "Trail Trips" 1959 #1
(8mm x 200ft) "Trail Trips" 1959 #2

(8mm x 200ft) "Trail Trips" 1960

(8mm x 300ft) "Trail Trips" 1963

(8mm x 300ft) "Trail Trips" 1964 #1
(8mm x 250ft) "Trail Trips" 1964 #2

(35mm x 9.5in, no reel) "Trail Trips" 1966 #1 (Can #13)
(35mm x 9in, no reel) "Trail Trips" 1966 #2 (Can #14)

(35mm x 7in, no reel) "Trail Trips" 1967 (Reel #2, Can #5)
(35mm x 4in x 5, no reel) Titles, Negs, etc. 1967, Yellowstone (Can #10)

(35mm x 10in, no reel) "Trail Trips" 1968 (Can #7)
(35mm x 8.5in, no reel) "Trail Trips" 1968 (Can #2)
(35mm x 8.5in, no reel) "Trail Trips" 1968 (Can #12)
(35mm x 6in x 3, no reel) "Trail Trips" 1968, Alaskan Way Viaduct, Freeway 1965 (Can #11)

(35mm x 9in, no reel) "Trail Trips" 1969

(16mm x 7.5in) "Trail Trips" 1970

Mountaineer Movies - Miscellaneous

Small Reels
(16mm x 2in) "Climbers" (title frames say "Asulkan Pass and Mt. Fox")
(16mm x 1in, no reel) "Bowline Tying"
(16mm x 2.5in) "Irish Cabin Work Day 1928"
(16mm x 4in) "Kitsap Cabin 1929"
(16mm x 4in) "Campers at Mt. Rainier, c1950"
(16mm x 2.5in) "Titles For Climbers. Techniques, Etc."
(16mm x 2in) "The Reluctant Dragon" (title)
(16mm x 1in) "The Mountaineers Present..." (title)
(16mm x 1in) "Kealva - 'The Mountaineers Present...'" (title)
(16mm x 2.5in) "The End" (title #1)
(16mm x 1in) "The End" (title #2)

There are two unidentified (small) 8mm film cannisters.

Medium Reels
(16mm x 400ft) "Alaska Trip, Skagway"
(16mm x 350ft) "Special Outing Memorial Day Boat Trip" - 1941
(16mm x 300ft) "Advertising Used for Sportman Show"
(16mm x 250ft) " Nanny said, mortals have very little to do with what happens to them."
(16mm x 150ft) "Woody Woodpecker," B&W cartoon w/sound

Large Reels
(16mm x 1000ft) "Wilderness River Trail" (Sierra Club)
(16mm x 900ft) "Pinnacle Peak" - A&B original reels
(35mm x 9in, no reel) "Shoe Lake Hike & Skiing" (Can #1, "Misc")
(35mm x 8in, no reel) Unidentified (Can #8)
(35mm x 10in) Gypsy Tour 1929

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