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Digital video copies of these films are on a Seagate 2TB USB external disk drive in the Mountaineers Archives.

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Date ID Description Producer Source Video Created Video Format Archive Location Notes
1943 hds-1943-stevens-chase "Stevens Pass Ski Chase" Harold D. Smith Ancient Skiers of the Northwest 2012 AVI copy of a VHS videotape MHC This film was donated to the Mountaineers on VHS tape by Tom Allen in October 2012. The location of the original color film is unknown. The VHS "master" tape was previously held by Irv Pratt of the Ancient Skiers group. The tape was probably made in the 1990s. In November 2012, the VHS tape was copied to an AVI file by Danny Miller of the Mountaineers History Committee.
1961 bbp-1961-edith-cavelle "True Adventure: Mt Edith Cavelle" Bill Burrud Productions Patagonia, Inc. 2008 AVI copy of MiniDV tape (in DVCAM format?) Lowell Skoog In December 2008, Patagonia sent us a digital tape of this program for Fred Beckey's 86th birthday party. This was not a donation. Bill Burrud Productions retains the copyright for this film.

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