Fred Beckey - Photo Descriptions
0:07 Aerial view of Forbidden Peak in Washington's North Cascades. [John Scurlock]
0:38 Fred Beckey (left) and family in the 1920s. [Fred Beckey collection]
0:46 Fred as a boy scout, early 1930s. [Fred Beckey collection]
0:55 On the summit of Mt Snoqualmie, Washington Cascades, 1930s. [Fred Beckey collection]
1:05 Mt Despair in the North Cascades, Fred's first "first ascent." [from Challenge of the North Cascades]
1:13 Movie clips from a 1939 climb of Mt Shuksan in the North Cascades, where Fred later wrote he learned to use crampons. [Dwight Watson, the Mountaineers Archives]
1:30 Forbidden Peak, where Fred made first ascents of the West Ridge (1940), North Ridge (1952), East Ridge Direct (1958), and Northwest Face (1959). [from The North Cascades]
1:38 Mt Waddington, BC Coast Range. [John Baldwin]
1:47 10th Mountain Division training at Seneca Rocks, Virginia in 1944. [R. Duke Watson]
1:56 10th Mountain Division training at Seneca Rocks, Virginia in 1944. [R. Duke Watson]
2:05 Devils Thumb, Alaska. [from Climbing in North America]
2:13 South Peak of Hozomeen from Lightning Creek. [from Challenge of the North Cascades]
2:22 Fred Beckey on Claw Peak in the Waddington Range, B.C. in 1947. [Fred Beckey collection]
2:30 Movie clip of an early climb of Lighthouse Tower in the Cashmere Crags, Central Cascades, 1949. [Burge Bickford and Ira Spring, the Mountaineers Archives]
2:57 Climbing Rocket Peak in the Cashmere Crags in 1948. [Bob and Ira Spring]
3:05 How Loggers Ledge got its name, Castle Rock, Washington, 1940s. [Fred Beckey collection]
3:12 Fred Beckey rock climbing in the Cashmere Crags, 1949. [Bob and Ira Spring]
3:19 Joe Hieb gives Fred a boost during the first ascent of Silver Horn in the North Cascades, 1953. [Fred Beckey collection]
3:26 Fred climbing on Castle Rock in Tumwater Canyon, Washington. [from Climber's Guide to the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington, 1961]
3:33 Fred gives a belay in the Peshastin Pinnacles, central Washington, circa 1950. [Fred Beckey collection]
3:40 Fred Beckey performs a Tyrolean Traverse to Spectator Spire near White Pass, Washington in 1952. [Bob and Ira Spring]
3:47 Prusik Peak, where Fred made first ascents of the East Route (1948), West Ridge (1957), and South Face (1962). [Fred Beckey collection]
3:54 Movie clips from "Mt McKinley Adventure," filmed by Fred Beckey and produced by Hanson-Roberts Films in Seattle, 1954. [The Mountaineers Archives]
4:22 Heinrich Harrer and Henry Meybohm on the first ascent of Mt Deborah, Alaska in 1954. [Fred Beckey collection, from]
4:29 Fred Beckey, Heinrich Harrer, and Henry Meybohm atop Mt Hunter, Alaska, during the first ascent in 1954. [Fred Beckey collection]
4:37 John Parrott below the NE Face of Mt Goode during its first ascent in 1954. [Fred Beckey collection]
4:43 Fred Beckey during the 1955 Lhotse Expedition in Nepal. [Fred Beckey collection]
4:51 Lincoln Peak (West Black Butte) near Mt Baker in the North Cascades. [John Scurlock]
4:58 Mt Hood's Yocum Ridge from the air and during the first ascent in 1959. [Left: John Scurlock. Right: Fred Beckey collection]
5:05 South Howser Tower, showing the West Buttress route. [from Fred Beckey's 100 Favorite North American Climbs]
5:11 North Face of Mt Edith Cavell in the Canadian Rockies. [from Climbing in North America]
5:19 North Face of Mt Sir Donald in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. [Felix Parham, from Fred Beckey's 100 Favorite North American Climbs]
5:23 Fred Beckey in classic wearing apparel, Peshastin Pinnacles. [Fred Beckey collection]
5:29 Mt Slesse, Northeast Buttress. [from]
5:38 Fred skiing below Burgundy Spire during the first winter ascent of Silverstar Mountain in the North Cascades, 1965. [Mike Borghoff, Fred Beckey collection]
5:47 Mt Robson during the first winter ascent, 1965. [from Fred Beckey's 100 Favorite North American Climbs]
5:57 Fred Beckey on the East Spur of Mt Waddington in 1965. [Don Liska]
6:07 Leif-Norman Patterson, Fred Beckey, Hank Mather and Alex Bertulis at the top of Northwest Passage, Squamish Chief, B.C. in 1965. [from Climbing in North America]
6:15 Fred Beckey below Shiprock, New Mexico in 1965. [Eric Bjornstad]
6:25 Portrait of Fred Beckey in 1972. [Jim Stuart, from Fred Beckey collection]
6:35 Fred takes notes on Tomyhoi Mountain, North Cascades, in 1981. [Sam Gardner, from Fred Beckey Collection]
6:40 Climber's Guide to the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington, 1949, 1953 and 1961 editions.
6:46 A guidebook minuet--fifteen ink drawings by Dee Molenaar from the Climber's Guide to the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington, 1961 edition.
7:11 Cascade Alpine Guide, 1st Edition, Volumes 1-3.
7:23 Cascade Alpine Guide, 1st and 2nd Editions.
7:29 Cascade Alpine Guide, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions.
7:34 Guide to Leavenworth Rock Climbing Areas, Challenge of the North Cascades, and Darrington & Index Rock Climbing Guide, all by Fred Beckey.
7:40 The Cascades, Mountains of North America, Mount McKinley: Icy Crown of North America, and Climbing Mt Rainier, all by Fred Beckey.
7:47 Range of Glaciers and Fred Beckey's 100 Favorite North American Climbs, by Fred Beckey
7:59 Fred Beckey writing at camp below Mt Kenya. [Doug McCarty, from Fred Beckey Collection]
8:08 South of Cascade Pass. [from The North Cascades]
8:18 Mt Clemenceau from the Hooker Icefield. [Gary Brill]
8:24 Fred Beckey unloads from White Saddle Air Services helicopter in the Niut Range, B.C. in 1980. [Gary Brill]
9:29 Jim Nelson and Fred Beckey on Golden Klattasine, British Columbia in 1987. [Carl Dietrich, courtesy of Jim Nelson]
8:35 Fred Beckey and Gary Brill below The Maiden, Brooks Range, Alaska in 1989. [Yann Merrand, courtesy of Gary Brill]
8:39 Fred Beckey on Bute Inlet, British Columbia in 1986. [Jim Nelson]
8:46 Fred Beckey on Sahale Arm, North Cascades in 1992. [Fred Beckey collection]
8:51 Climbing Liberty Bell Mountain in the North Cascades in 1992. [Paul Woodrum]
8:56 Fred Beckey and friends on the Hubbard Glacier below McArthur Peak in 1993. [Mark Landreville]
9:00 Fred climbing on the Great Wall of China in 1996. [Jia Condon]
9:00 Fred looking through binoculars at Serra Blanco, New Mexico in 1998. [Paul Woodrum]
9:10 Aaron Clifford, Colin Haley and Fred Beckey on Adamant Mountain, British Columbia in 2003. [Colin Haley]
9:16 Fred and Helmy Beckey at Whistler, British Columbia, around 2000. [Mike Duffy]
9:21 Fred skiing at Blackcomb, British Columbia with Mike Duffy in 2003. [Mike Duffy]
9:26 Fred Beckey with Bob Craig and Dee Molenaar at the American Alpine Club's annual meeting in 2011. [Megan Bond]
9:30 Fred hiking with Megan Bond in the Sichuan Province of China in 2013. [Megan Bond]
9:36 Fred traveling in Tibet in 2014. [Megan Bond]
9:41 Prayer flags in Sikkim, 2012. [Megan Bond]
9:45 Fred hiking to the crags at Squamish, B.C. in 2012. [Mark Kroese]
9:50 Fred climbing at Squamish, British Columbia. [Megan Bond]
9:56 Fred climbing at the Smoke Bluffs, Squamish, B.C. in 2016. [Mike Duffy]
10:01 Fred Beckey flying over Mt Waddington's South Face in 2013, at age 90. [Megan Bond]
10:11 Fred celebrating his 94th birthday on January 24, 2017. [Don Beavon]
10:16 Eric Fox, Megan Bond, Ambrose Bittner (back row) together with Fred Beckey and Mike Duffy (front row) after climbing at Squamish in August 2017. [Mike Duffy]
10:22 Fred Beckey resting in 2017. [Megan Bond]

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