Remembering Steph - Photo Descriptions

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are by Lowell Skoog.

  1. Steph Subak at John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc. circa 1981. Photographer unknown.
  2. Lowell and Steph in a Fluke college recruiting photo, circa 1981. We were dating by this time but shared our secret with just a few friends at work.
  3. Steph and Lowell read The Lord of the Rings at Wing Lake during a climb of Black Peak in the North Cascades, May 1981. This was our second hike together. Photo by Carl Skoog.
  4. Steph (foreground) and Lowell ski Silver Star Mountain in May 1983. Photo by Carl Skoog.
  5. Lowell and Steph pause during the ski descent of Silver Star Mountain, May 1983. (Note matching wool pants, leather boots, and Ramer touring bindings.) Photo by Carl Skoog.
  6. Steph climbs at Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park, August 1982. A few days later we drove to Lake Tahoe where I met Steph's parents for the first time.
  7. Steph and Lowell's wedding day, September 17, 1983. Professional photo.
  8. Gordy Skoog and Gary Brill ambush Lowell and Steph at their wedding reception, September 17, 1983. Photo by Carl Skoog.
  9. Lowell and Steph celebrate Christmas at the Subak family home in Minneapolis, December 1989. Subak family photo.
  10. Lowell and Steph ride the old Green Valley chairlift at Crystal Mountain, January 1984. Photo by Carl Skoog.
  11. Sunset in the main square of Arequipa during Steph's Peru trip with Tom Wiesmann, June 1984. Steph Subak collection.
  12. Steph and Carl Skoog hold coveted boarding passes at the Lukla airfield, Nepal Himalaya, November 1986. Carl Skoog collection.
  13. Steph spins a prayer wheel in Nepal, October 1986. Photo by Carl Skoog.
  14. Tom Wiesmann, Steph, and Pat Gallagher on the summit of Monte Cristo Peak in the Cascade Mountains, summer 1985. Steph Subak collection.
  15. Steph on a cruise in the Fiji Islands, March 1993.
  16. Lowell and Steph camp near The Triad in the North Cascades, September 1994. Photo by Carl Skoog.
  17. Tom Skoog's first hike in the Cascade Mountains, October 1996.
  18. Steph and Tom (age 5) near Holden Village in the Cascade Mountains, July 2002.
  19. Steph and Tom hike around Naches Peak in the South Cascades, July 2006.
  20. Steph and Tom on the summit of East Peak above Crystal Mountain Ski Area, July 2006.
  21. Sunset from our camp on East Peak, July 2006.
  22. Cross-country skiing with the family of Laura Subak and John Moore, Mazama, Washington, January 2008.
  23. Steph and Tom dance at the wedding of Courtney Skoog and Gabe Cross, August 2008.
  24. Steph and Tom dance at the wedding of Courtney Skoog and Gabe Cross, August 2008.
  25. Steph kayaking on Lake Vermilion, Minnesota in August 2009.
  26. Steph and Tom backcountry skiing in the Teanaway region of the Washington Cascades, June 2012.
  27. Lowell and Steph at the Minnesota State Fair, September 2012.
  28. Steph and Tom hike below Prusik Peak in the Cascade Mountains, August 2013.
  29. Lowell, Tom and Steph atop Moose Peak in the Olympic Mountains of Washington, July 2014.
  30. Lowell, Tom and Steph celebrate Roosevelt High School's Metro District Wrestling Championship in Seattle, June 2015.
  31. Steph pauses below Del Campo Peak on her last hike in the Cascade Mountains, July 2015. Photo by Vicki Lord.

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