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David R. Brower - Remount Blue: The Combat Story of the 3rd Battalion, 86th Mountain Infantry

p. 7: There are about five pages of description of early patrols in Italy.

p. 17: Preceding pages describe the "Belvedere Breakthrough" including the attacks on Riva Ridge and Mont Belvedere. The description is brief since these actions were carried out by other units. Beginning on p. 13 ("Combat Infantrymen on Torraccia") are gripping first-hand accounts of combat on Mont Della Torraccia by Staff Sgt. Richard M. Emerson, T/Sgt. Cross, Pfc. William Long, Pfc. Donald Dallas, Sgt. Robert M. Soares, S/Sgt. Stewart, and T/4 Harrison Swados. I haven't reviewed the account of the later advance toward the Po Valley.

p. 106: The author describes recreational activities (rock climbing and skiing) by the battalion during the occupation of Italy in June.

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