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George F. Earle - History of the 87th Mountain Infantry
This is a long (200+ pp) and detailed combat history of the 87th Regiment. I've only skimmed it to identify sections that may be useful for future reference.

p. 6: A short summary of regimental activities from December 8, 1941, when the 87th was formed, to January 4, 1945, when it shipped out to Italy (2 pp).

p. 9: Introduction to Italy, patrol action (including ski patrols) and minor skirmishes, January and early February, 1945 (8 pp).

p. 17: Belvedere offensive, February 19-20, 1945 (15 pp).

p. 32: Second offensive (to Castel d'Aiano), March 3-5, 1945. This is a day-by-day, company-by-company account (21 pp).

p. 53: Spring offensive, April 1945. This is a hill-by-hill, town-by-town, company-by-company account of the push northward out of the Apennines, the breakout and drive toward the Po River, and the advance up the shores of Lake Garda from April 14 to May 2, 1945, when the German forces in Italy surrendered (94 pp).

p. 147: Occupation duty, May-July 1945 (8 pp).

p. 155: "Tales of Mules and Men" (6 pp).

p. 161: Songs of the 87th Mountain Infantry (8 pp).

p. 169: Roster of the 87th Mountain Infantry (46 pp).

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