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Bette Filley - The Big Fact Book About Mount Rainier
I skimmed this book in the Washington State Historical Museum bookstore. I found a few new facts and useful references.

p. 167: In 1961, Roger Brown and John Ahern produced "Out to Ski," a documentary of the first ski descent of the Ingraham Glacier by Jim and Lou Whittaker, Brown and Ahern, Squaw Valley ski school director Joe Marillac, Sierra Club instructor Roger Paris, Sugar Bowl instructor Brill Briggs and Gordon Butterfield, Western Sales Rep. for Head Ski Company.

p. 239: "One of the first handicapped persons to rise to the challenge was Jack Graves, a one-legged amputee, who in July, 1978, skied alone from the summit down the Ingraham Glacier. Graves was the owner of a prosthetics company, and used an artificial leg he had designed especially for skiing and climbing. It worked exceedingly well, even helping to stop him when he slipped."

p. 253: The first encirclement of Rainier on Nordic skis was by Dana Rush, N.L. Kirkland and Karen Goettling in June 1983. (Ref: Tacoma News Tribune, 6/5/83)

p. 254a: Another ski encirclement was made by N.L. Kirkland, Dana Rush, Terry Pritchards and Dr. Roy Walters from May 24-30, 1986. (Ref: Molenaar, The Challenge of Rainier.) In Molenaar's book this trip is called the first ski encirclement.

p. 254b: In 1936, Jack Northrop was killed in an avalanche below Narada Falls. (Ref: Tacoma News Tribune, 3/27/36)

p. 254c: In 1988, Pamela Benton Lee, an Evergreen College Student, was killed in an avalanche on Plummer Peak. (Ref: Tacoma News Tribune, 3/8/88)

p. 254d: In 1993, for the first time in 20 years, a ski patrol was active at Paradise in winter. Members of the Washington Ski Touring Club volunteered to patrol the area around Paradise after Jim Kampe, one of their members, was lost in a whiteout and never seen again.

p. 255: "Recently RMI guide Ned Randolf telemark skied the Kautz Route (including the chute) and the Wilson Headwall."

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