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Joseph T. Hazard - The Glacier Playfields of the Mt Rainier National Park

Chapter 11 - Paradise In Winter

The author describes winter at Paradise, based on New Years outings by the Mountaineers through 1919-20. He describes the approach from Ashford, the attractions of Paradise Valley in winter, and the four kinds of snowshoes commonly used: the Cook Inlet, Canadian Trapper, Bearpaw and Beavertail. Two years ago, twenty-seven climbed to Camp Muir on snowshoes and last year a party trekked to Pinnacle saddle.

Skiing and tobogganing are mentioned only "near the hotel." Of skis, he writes: "Skees are great for winter sport. There is no danger at all in using them. If you spill, you sink into the fluffy snow, ankle deep--head down. By patient wriggling one can always manage to crawl out and make ready for the next tumble." Several fine photos from the Mountaineer Annuals are included.

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