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Harvey Manning - The Wild Cascades: Forgotten Parkland (2)
This paperback edition was published in 1968 following passage of the North Cascades Act. This edition contains an Epilogue describing the resulting park as half the size proposed by conservationists. It describes shortcomings of the newly created entity and proposals for future work. The book contains all the photos and text of the exhibit format book (manning-1965) plus additional photographs, some relevant to ski mountaineering. Unfortunately, some of the captions are improperly placed.

p. 16: Photo of ski camp near Suiattle-Whitechuck divide, Glacier Peak

This color photo is improperly captioned. It shows several tents with Glacier Peak in the background. Not identified, but apparent in the photograph, are ski-plane tracks on the glacier. (I believe this is a Bob and Ira Spring photo.)

p. 132: Hessey, Charles, "Remmel Mountain from Spanish Camp"

Fine color photo of a woman ski touring across a snow covered meadow.

p. 141: Hessey, Charles, "Fortress Mountain from North Star Mountain"

Color photo of a ski track climbing an open slope with fluted mountains in the distance.

p. 142: "Cascade Pass, early May"

Uncredited color photo of Johannesburg Mountain, very snow plastered, from a ski camp in Boston Basin.

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