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Will Murray et al - Mount Rainier Glacier Travel Guide
This illustrated historical map documents three circumnavigations of Mt Rainier: "The Boulton Gang" in June 1969 (circling clockwise on foot from Paradise to Paradise), the RMI guided ski circumnavigation in May 1990 (circling counter-clockwise on skis from Paradise to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground), and the Mt Rainier Alpine Guides traverse in July 1997 (circling clockwise on foot from Summerland to White River).

The RMI ski party included Robert Allison, Charles Day, George Westbrook and Gary Vogt and was led by guides George Dunn and Dan Mann. Their trip, from May 13-18, began at Paradise, climbed to Camp Muir, crossed Ingraham Flats, then descended the Emmons Glacier and crossed to Camp Schurman. They dropped onto Winthrop Glacier, circled around the mountain to Curtis Ridge and the Carbon Glacier, then climbed to Observation Rock, where they had cached a supply of food and fuel. They descended from Ptarmigan Ridge and circled to Puyallup Glacier. On their fifth day, they crossed Tahoma Glacier in a whiteout, then decided to shorten the trip (originally planned to end at Paradise) by hiking out the Kautz Creek trail on the sixth day.

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