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North Cascades Study Team - The North Cascades: A Report ...

Part 1 - Introduction

p. 9: On March 5, 1963, the North Cascades Study Team was formed as part of a "Peace Treaty" between the Forest Service and National Park Service at the request of President John F. Kennedy. The study team held hearings in October 1963. Over 300 witnesses or statements were heard or received at the hearings and about 2,400 additional letters were received prior to closing of the record on November 15, 1963. Of these, the ratio was about four to one in favor of establishing a national park in the North Cascades (p. 82). The study team report was completed in October 1965.

p. 14: The study team recommendations were written by the chairman, Edward C. Crafts. They represented "a new set to recommendations that has not heretofore been proposed." The Forest Service and Park Service recommendations (which the team members were unable to reconcile) are also included in this report. In summary, the study team recommends:

The report conditions its recommendation for a North Cascades National Park "upon development of adequate facilities and means of entry into presently remote areas." Helicopters and aerial tramways are suggested. The report states: "A major reason for recommending a National Park is that by means of access and development, the area can be made available to large numbers of people rather than retaining half the area in Wilderness area status, as would be done by the Forest Service." Also: "High priority should be given to the construction of an adequate system of scenic roads," including completion of the North Cross-State Highway, a road from the head of Ross Lake in British Columbia along the lake to the North Cross-State Highway, a road from Heather Meadows tunneling under Austin Pass to Baker Lake, connecting roads through Curry Gap, Cady Pass, Harts Pass, and a road splitting in two the Alpine Lakes area. New road construction would total 154 miles.

Part III - Recommendations

p. 76: The National Park Service recommendations include:

p. 77: The Forest Service recommendations include:

p. 80: During the past year, the Forest Service has been giving local publicity to its plans for the Eldorado Peaks High Country (between Cascade Pass and Ruby and Granite Creeks). The Forest Service has been criticized for this, on the grounds that it is attempting to jump the gun on recommendations of the study team and build political support for its plans. These plans would carry out the policy directive of the Secretary of Agriculture's 1960 designation establishing the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area "to open up and develop [the Eldorado Peaks High Country] for the use and enjoyment of the large number of people who desire other kinds of outdoor recreation and those who are unable to engage in wilderness travel (p. 50)." The Forest Service plans include:

Part V - Appendices

p. 182: Included are highlights of the history of the North Cascades, including selected key events, acts of Congress, legislative proposals, and administrative decisions.

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