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Robert W. Parker - What'd You Do In the War, Dad?
This book contains personal recollections of 34 months in the 10th Mountain Division.

The First Year

p. 13: "A Day on Mount Rainier:" A day of skiing near Camp Muir in the summer of 1942, when the author and friends from the 87th Regiment met George [Senner], ranger at Anvil Rock, and sought his help after one of their party on fell into a crevasse. George joined the mountain troops at Camp Hale.

p. 33: "Artillery Versus Avalanche on Homestake Peak:" A different perspective on the first Homestake maneuver, in February 1943. This account describes the artillery-avalanche experiment as one long planned by the troops at Camp Hale.

The Aleutian Adventure

Stories about life on Kiska, including tossing a hated captain overboard (not the author's unit, p. 44), a close call with a Teller mine during a salmon barbecue (p. 54), and building homemade skis for recreation (p. 68).

Return to Camp Hale

Stories of ski training up Resolution Creek (p. 80) and weekend R&R on Aspen Mountain (p. 85.

Mules and Horses

Stories from Camp Swift about runaway mules (p. 90) and a man with the skills of a horse whisperer (p. 93).

War in the Mountains

p. 110: "First Combat on Belvedere:" Serving as a scout during the night attack on February 19, 1945.

p. 117: "Punchboard Hill:" The author lost two buddies during an artillery barrage, after they occupied a trench he dug then abandoned as unsafe.

Last Offensive

p. 129: "Spy Hunt:" Confronting a captain over the killing of unarmed German soldiers.

p. 138: "The Shoemaker and the Olympic Swimmer:" A post-war encounter with a German soldier who fled from the 10th Mountain Division by swimming the Po River. The author's platoon sergeant saved the man's life by stopping soldiers shooting at him in the river.

The War Is Over

A June 1945 ski ascent of the Marmolada (p. 151), news of the war's end (p. 169), and a re-enactment of the Riva Ridge assault 50 years later, in 1995 (p. 175).


p. 185: A summary of U.S. military organization in World War II, explaining the breakdown, size and command structure of divisions, regiments, battalions, companies, platoons, and squads.

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