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Floyd W. Schmoe - Our Greatest Mountain

Chapter 13 - The Winter Season

p. 344a: Photo of Paradise Inn and Tatoosh Range in winter.

p. 345: Describes the winter trail route from Longmire to Paradise Valley.

p. 346a: Photo of dog team in Paradise Valley with Tatoosh Range in the background (fine).

p. 346b: Photo of a mixed party of skiers and snowshoers on a trail among large, open trees. The lead skier uses two ski poles; the snowshoer just behind carries a single pole.

p. 347: The author discusses winter sports, including snowshoeing, tobogganing, sleighing and skiing, which he calls "King of all winter sports." He writes (p. 349): "Many people believe that simple toe straps are sufficient to fasten the ski to the foot. This is entirely wrong. The skis should be just as securely fastened as skates and for the same reason. In order to control the skis one must be able to turn them by turning the foot which is not possible with toe straps only." On p. 350, he offers basic pointers on skiing.

p. 348a: Photo of a ski jumper in the air during the July 4th tournament in Paradise Valley (fine). A few spectators are visible.

p. 348b: Photo of a toboggan slide on the lower slopes of Eagle Peak, near Longmire (fine).

p. 352a: Photo of Paradise Inn with Mt Rainier rising above, in winter (fine).

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