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Bob and Ira Spring - The North Cascades National Park
The text in this book is by Harvey Manning. Photos by Bob and Ira Spring.

p. 7: In the Foreword, Patrick D. Goldsworthy of the North Cascades Conservation Council describes the North Cascades National Park as a compromise. To the park or adjacent wilderness or recreations areas, conservationists would like to add:

Eventually, the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area should be added to the North Cascades National Park.

p. 9: In the Preface, Harvey Manning writes: "The 1968 North Cascades Act is more important for the recognition it gives than for the protection. Indeed, were preservationists to relax, thinking the job done, the 1968 Act could be the instrument for accelerating the destruction of wildlands; its passage is being cited in some quarters as an excuse for stepping up the exploitation of de facto wilderness in National Forests bordering the park."

p. 18: The book contains many fine photographs by the Springs, with stories by Manning of travels in the North Cascades:

The following winter or spring photographs are of interest to ski mountaineering:

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