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John H. Williams - The Mountain That Was God

Chapter II - The National Park, Its Roads And Its Needs

p. 43: This chapter describes access to Mt Rainier as of May, 1911. The new government road, engineered by Eugene Ricksecker, has recently been completed to Paradise, but automobile traffic is not allowed past the Nisqually bridge. The chapter explains some of the history of the road and describes Ricksecker's plan for a road around the mountain (p. 62). The author is strongly in favor of this road, "to give reasonable protection to the Park and fully achieve the purpose of 'benefit and enjoyment' for which it was created." The chapter has many fine photos of the mountain and the new road.

p. 60: Photo of the south side of Mt Rainier from the Tatoosh Range with features marked, including Alta Vista, Camp of the Clouds and Reese's Camp (all near Paradise). Unfortunately, I can't make out some of the markings on my photocopy.

p. 62: Photos by J.H. Weer of a party hiking through Paradise in winter.

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