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Abbie Kealy - The Last Ridge
This one-hour program is based on McKay Jenkins' book (jenkins-2003). The main value of this program is the historic film footage. There is footage of the ski troops training on Mt Rainier in Washington and at Camp Hale in Colorado. I think these scenes may be from the films Ski Patrol by John Jay (1942) and Mountain Fighters by Warner Brothers (1943), which I have not yet located.

The program contains many interviews with 10th Mountain Division veterans but I found the interview clips unsatisfying because they were so short. The interviews generally provide brief impressions rather than much information. Northwest veterans Duke Watson (5:20) and Karl Stingl (9:00 and 47:25) are briefly shown. The program's description of the formation and training of the division is conventional. The combat story is light, since there isn't time to dig into details. My overall impression of the program is that it is a "feel good" treatment of the subject and that McKay Jenkins' book (and others) are better sources of information.

Special Features:

The DVD contains 45 minutes of special features including:

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