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Harland Eastood - Vintage NW Ski Video Project
This DVD contains about 8-1/2 minutes of B&W films created by Harland Eastwood, Sr. around 1940. The films were transferred to DVD by Harland Eastwood, Jr. in 2019. The original films are silent but the DVD has a musical soundtrack by Joe Fox on guitar.

The DVD opens with scenes filmed at Snoqualmie Pass around 1940. In the opening scene, Charle Minot Dole, founder of the National Ski Patrol System is shown flanked by a man on either side. The man on the right (wearing a dark head-band) might be a young Webb Moffett. At 00:45, Harland Eastwood, Sr. (1906-1995) enters the picture, standing to the viewer's left of Dole. This is followed by scenes of kids and women skiing a ropetow, including Harland's wife Catherine Eastwood.

On another day, skiers (including Harland and Catherine Eastwood) are seen climbing and skiing a clearing surrouded by forest. At 2:51 there is a brief scene of the east face of Three Fingers Peak near Darrington. Skiers are shown (practicing 1st aid?) with rugged terrain in background, probably also near Darrington. This is followed by scenes of skiers in semi-alpine terrain near timberline.

At 3:25 are scenes of cross-country skiing near Snoqualmie Pass. Side-stepping, a creek bed, heavy wet snow, and activity around a camp site. At 4:55 are scenes at Paradise on Mt Rainier about 1940. Skiers (including Bill Lewin) hike and run the slopes.

At 6:12 are scenes from a 1940 indoor ski exhibition tournament at the Seattle Civic Ice Arena. Alf Engen wears bib #18. Olav Ulland wears bib #29. There are demonstrations of slalom, jumping (solo and tandem), and tricks including 360-degree pole-jumps, royal christies, and "skiing" through an automobile tire. There is also a ski clown in a plaid suit.

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