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IRIS - Homegrown Ski Areas of North Central Washington
This 30-minute program produced in 2008 consists of photographs, a few movie clips, and personal recollections about small community ski areas in North Central Washington, generally from the 1920s through 1950s. The project was supported by the Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship ( under the direction of Nancy Warner.

The following ski areas are discussed (and in some cases illustrated with photographs or brief movies), from north to south:

Photographs of specific ski areas are sometimes labeled when displayed. (Some of these areas are displayed and labeled again in the program without dates.) They include:

The following people are named on-screen during the program as they are speaking. (Note that in many other cases, the person speaking is not identified.):

The following people are listed at the end of the program as having contributed to the voices that are heard:

Image credits include:

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