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Tacoma News Tribune, 1950-99
To obtain copies of these articles, try the Microforms Collection at UW Libraries.

Tacoma News Tribune, 1950s

Sep 12, 1954 - Hartwich, Ethelyn Miller, "Mount Baker Area Year 'Round Playground"

A new chairlift from the Mt Baker lodge to the top of Panorama Dome was completed last spring. This article predicts that the year-round popularity of the resort will increase. Several photos are included.

Tacoma News Tribune, 1980s

Jun 5, 1983 - Goettling, Karen and N.L. Kirkland, "Skywalk"

This article describes an unsuccessful attempt by Karen Goettling, N.L. Kirkland and Dana Rush to ski a high level orbit around Mt Rainier (date not specified), following the route described by Dee Molenaar in The Challenge of Rainier. They called the route "Skywalk" and, as far as they knew, it had never been skied before. Apparently the party started at Paradise and circled the mountain clock-wise. Whiteouts were a daily occurrence and they found themselves unable to cover as much distance each day as Molenaar had done on foot. After crossing nine glaciers and four major ridges they climbed from the North Mowich Glacier to Ptarmigan Ridge. Out of time and with clouds closing in again, they aborted the trip and skied down to Spray Park, at which point the weather cleared mockingly.

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