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American Ski Annual, 1948
* Lowell Skoog has a copy of each article marked with an asterisk.

p. 103: Barth, Arthur J., "Olympic Tryouts in Ski Jumping" *

Ski jumping in the Seattle area remained healthy as the 1948 Olympic jumping team tryouts were held March 22-23, 1947 on the Olympian Hill at Milwaukee Ski Bowl, Hyak, Washington. The site is described as "probably the biggest and most well-designed ski-jumping hill available in the United States. The article includes a photo of the jump hill and crowd.

p. 136: Laughlin, James, "Ski Touring and the Work of the NSA Hut Committee" *

"There are two chief essentials for high touring--good guides and good huts." In Washington, the Mountain Cabin Memorial Association, spearheaded by Ome Daiber, plans to build a number of high huts for summer and winter use, as memorials to vicitims of the war. The NSA Hut Committee is assembling a directory of huts around the country and will supply a list of certified guides in any area on request. Applications for certification can be sent to the committee.

p. 193: Dudley, Charles M., "Equipment Notes" *

Interesting developments include an all-aluminum ski and the "Temporit" plastic ski base, for which American production rights have been assigned to F.H. Wiessner, Inc. of Burlington, Vermont. At least four new safety bindings have appeared, including the Anderson-Thompson model D9. The Trima seal-skin from Switzerland mounts using pins on the skin which fit into channels on the skis, thus doing away with straps. Groswold has an adjustable length steel ski pole described as "foolproof." Solid wood skis are still being sold without edges. The sport of orienteering has taken the northern European countries by storm. A special orientation compass is offered by Silva, Inc. of Laporte, Indiana.

p. 234: Twiss, Robert L., "The Seattle Times Ski School" *

Skiing in the Northwest gets a boost as the Seattle Times prepares for the second postwar season of ski schools (1947-48) for Seattle high school students at the Milwaukee Road Ski Bowl. The school is run by Ken Syverson. The instructors include veterans of the 10th Mountain Division. Ski instruction is free, but students must pay their railroad fare, $1.40.

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