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American Ski Annual and Skiing Journal, 1956
* Lowell Skoog has a copy of each article marked with an asterisk.

I have not seen this issue. I ordered selected articles from NESM based on the index listed on the ISHA website.

p. 12: Herbert, John M., "Your National Forest Ski Slopes" *

Practically all the major ski areas in the western U.S. are on national forest land. The number of people using national forest ski areas has doubled since the war and continues to increase 8% per year. In 1954, use amounted to 2.3 million visitors. Crowds of 5,000 people at one area are not uncommon. In recent years, practically all facilities at national forest ski areas have been financed by private capital or by local communities. Approximately 5 million dollars have been invested in ski lifts, shelters, slope clearing, etc., during the past five years.

p. 47: Brown, H.A., "Scenery Challenges Skiing" *

The article describes skiing at Deer Park in the Olympic Mountains. Two rope tows are in operation. The last nine miles of the road are one-way and by customary practice, down-mountain traffic doesn't start until 3 p.m.

p. 49: Ditter, Dr. F.J.A., "White Pass Ski Area" *

After the White Pass highway was finished, the site for the ski area was selected. In 1952-53, the lower part of the main hill was logged and two rope tows were installed, one 600 and one 1,200 feet in length. In 1953-54, another rope tow was placed above the longest rope tow on the upper part of the hill. In 1954-55, a bunny rope was placed on the beginners' slope. During this time snow surveys were made at the top of "Pig Tail Peak" on the lower rim of Hog Back Mountain. In the spring of 1955, members of the Yakima Valley Ski Club formed a $300,000 company to develop a chairlift up Pig Tail Peak. The one-mile double chairlift is under construction and expected to be in operation during the 1955-56 season. A Poma Lift will also be installed for intermediate skiers and the beginners' area is being logged, to be served by two rope tows. Cortney Erickson is the new manager of the White Pass Ski Area.

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