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Mazama, 1920-29

Mazama, 1926, Dec 1926, p. 7 - McNeil, Fred H., "In the Glacier Peak Region"

Describing the view from Liberty Cap: "To the south were more towering mountains, literally curtained with glaciers. Never so much ice anywhere in the world, it seemed on first glance. Beyond these nearer objects, there was no horizon. Mountains and canyons and glaciers were all one gazed on to the limit of his vision. Off to the north an even more fantastic picture was presented. Scores of peaks soared in vast array, blackly silhouetted against the darkening sky. There were flat-topped mountains with minarets on the corners; smooth, round domes; monsters whose domes had been scooped into great basins by the glaciers bursting down their sides; auguilles, gendarmes, cones and pyramids; knife-edged crests and dumpy knolls of easy approach; all were there, every kind of mountain ever seen or written about must be in that region around the head of Lake Chelan... It affords a tremendous field of exploration, for many of the peaks have not been ascended; some are not named."

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