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Mountaineer Bulletin, 1960-69

Mountaineer Bulletins, 1960

October, 1960, p. 1, "Glacier Peak Wilderness Area Established"

The recent Forest Service proposal was modified considerably in the newly-established Wilderness Area. Most but not all of the Suiattle and Agnes valleys are added, but the Whitechuck valley and the large Cascade Pass-Mount Logan area, included in proposals by the Mountaineers and other conservation organizations, were left out. The article includes a map of the former Limited Area, the 1939 Forest Service proposal, the Mountaineer proposal, and the Wilderness Area as established.

Mountaineer Bulletins, 1961

February, 1961, p. 6, "Mountaineers's Recommendation for North Cascades Primitive Area"

A map shows the existing North Cascades Primitive Area and the Mountaineers recommendation, which would add areas near the American-Canadian Border Peaks, Mt Shuksan and the Anderson-Watson Buttes area. The Primitive Area covers what is today the north unit of the North Cascades National Park and the Pasayten Wilderness. The Forest Service is reclassifying the area and conservationists worry that this will entail removal of much lowland forest.

Another article entitled "They Didn't Like It" describes the disappointment of many Mountaineers with the Forest Services decision establishing the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area. The Industrial Forestry Association was even more upset.

April, 1961, p. 4, Goldsworthy, Patrick D., "A Third National Park In Washington?"

This article outlines the rationale for the North Cascades Conservation Council's support for a national park in the North Cascades. The Mountaineers have not yet taken an official position on this proposal. Another article describes the Wilderness Bill introduced in Congress on January 5.

October, 1961, p. 6, "Warren B. Spickard"

Warren Spickard died when a sharp rock cut his rope while descending Mox Peak in the Chilliwacks, August 20, 1961. This obituary recalls his mountaineering accomplishments, contributions to the club, work in mountaineering first-aid, and support of the Wilderness Bill. In the December 1961 bulletin, the Mountaineers proposed to rename a peak near the U.S.-Canadian border Mount Spickard. The renaming was announced in the March 1964 bulletin.

Mountaineer Bulletins, 1962

December, 1962, p. 4, "Ski Mountaineering"

The Ski Mountaineering Course is being offered again for the first time in several years. The Manual of Ski Mountaineering will be the text for the course. The article includes a list of four lectures, three field trips, and 22 tours. Frank Fickeisen is the Ski Tour chairman.

Mountaineer Bulletins, 1964

April, 1964, p. 8, "An Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area Proposal"

This article discusses the conservation history of the area and includes a map of the current proposal.

October, 1964, p. 9, "Wilderness Bill"

The Wilderness Bill was signed into law on September 3, 1964. The bill gave 9,100,000 acres of primitive land, mostly in the western states, permanent protection. Another 5,500,000 acres, now designated as primitive or wilderness type areas by the Forest Service, may be added to the wilderness system in the future by Congress. The article does not say what areas in Washington were newly designated as Wilderness by this bill.

Mountaineer Bulletins, 1965

February, 1965, p. 5, Review: "The Cross-Country Ski Book"

Cross-country skiing is described as "the newest groundswell in America's snow sports, although it's been the national winter pastime in Scandinavian countries for centuries."

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