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Mountaineer Bulletin, 2000-19

Mountaineer Bulletins, 2000

Spring, 2000, p. 18, "Profile: Wolf Bauer"

Wolf Bauer was born in Munich, Germany in 1912 and was raised in the Bavarian Alps, where he learned to ski and climb. The family emigrated to Seattle in 1925. His mother's family, the Epplers, were early settlers of Seattle. He was recruited by the Mountaineers as a new member in the 1920s, because of his skiing talent, he jokes, not his character. He was instrumental in getting the Mountaineers climbing course organized in the 1930s and made several first ascents in the Cascades, most notably the north face of Mt Rainier in 1934. He participated in the Silver Skis races on Mt Rainier. After WWII, he organized Mountain Rescue together with Ome Daiber. The article describes Bauer's concerns about the recent trend toward extreme routes and techniques in climbing and kayaking.

Mountaineer Bulletins, 2002

May, 2002, p. 8, "Passages: Walter Little, skier, engineer"

This article includes information from this project (see little-walt-obit) and additional facts about Walt Little from his friends. Regarding cabin life at Paradise in the 1930s:
"He spent several winters skiing at Mt Rainier where one could use the cabins at Paradise--providing that one could find them. A skier would ski up to Paradise from Longmire [ed: more likely Narada Falls] and then try to find a cabin. First, the skier would try to locate the bamboo pole left in the snow the previous week. Then the skier dug down to the trap door and climbed into the cabin--sometimes as deep as 30 feet. The skier reversed the process by adding more ladder, then the trap door and then the bamboo pole so that it could be found the next weekend."
Walt was an avid sailor and lifetime member of the Seattle Yacht Club. He developed a handicapping system for sailing in the Northwest.

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