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Olympic National Park, Superintendent's Monthly Reports, 1940-41
These reports were reviewed on microfilm at the Olympic National Park archives (ONP). They are probably also available at CCL.


Superintendent's Report, December 1940

"The only area receiving much travel was the Deer Park ski grounds. The ski lodge concession is being conducted this season by Jim Lucas, professional ski instructor from Seattle. Hot lunches are served and limited accommodations for overnight guests are offered."


Superintendent's Report, January 1941

"The mild character of the weather during the month was reflected in the snow depth at Deer Park which was reduced from 36 inches to 18 inches during the period. The mean temperature was a full six degrees above normal and precipitation was 1.6 inches below average. These factors contributed to the lack of normal travel at the Deer Park Ski Area. Nearly half the month's rainfall fell on one day, the 17th."

Superintendent's Report, February 1941

"An event which was expected to bring several hundred visitors to the Deer Park ski area during the month was the Pacific Northwest Ski Association meet planned for February 22. This meet had to be cancelled because of lack of snow--an instance where the exeptionally beautiful weather which prevailed throughout the month did not prove a boon to tourist activities on the Peninsula."

Superintendent's Report, March 1941

"March proved to be another month of exceptionally fine weather... Travel to Deer Park decreased noticeably with vanishing snow... The ski lodge operator at Deer Park closed the lodge on March 5."

Superintendent's Report, April 1941

"A high temperature of 67 degrees and rainfall of only .93 inch indicate the mildness of the month's weather."

"The 41st Division Ski Patrol of the U.S. Army under the direction of Lt. Phelps utilized the park as a training ground during the month. Starting at Deer Park on April 8, the patrol came out at Elwha on the 13th and reentered at Soleduck on the same day. The patrol reached Seven Lakes Basin by way of Deer Lake and spent a few days in maneuvers there, coming out by way of Soleduck Park. Lt. Phelps was enthusiastic about the fine skiing terrain which was observed in the park."

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