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"I'm impressed. In fact almost speechless. What a job. And what a wonderful piece of recorded history it will be when it is done."
--Ron Jarvis
Backcountry skier

"This has a sense of being the wave of the future in ski history ... a far cry from most researchers who hide their sources."
--Skiing Heritage, Sept. 2002
The Journal of the International Skiing History Association

"This work of yours is truly important. Keep at it and let me know if there is something I can do to help."
--Steve Costie
Executive Director, The Mountaineers

"Wow! Jackpot! If it weren't for you and your website, we would never have known about the connections!"
--Judy Earle
Cousin of pioneer skier Sigurd Hall

"I find myself continually impressed by the thoroughness and high quality of your research. You are about to achieve something that is rare in the scholarly world--a definitive publication, in the first edition of your first book on the topic."
--Harry Majors
Cascade historian

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