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Backcountry Magazine, 1994-Present

All issues listed below are from my personal collection (LDS). I reviewed every issue published during the period covered by the following table. If no issue is listed for a particular month, it means I found nothing noteworthy in it. If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The ID column below has links to review notes.

ID Title Cover Date Reviewed Notes
backcountry-1994-oct Backcountry #1 Oct/Nov 1994 LDS, 8/16/2004 Reference: Sierra High Route by Doug Robinson
backcountry-1995-jan Backcountry #2 Dec 1994/Jan 1995 LDS, 8/19/2007 Ramer, "Where's the Adventure?"
backcountry-1995-mar Backcountry #3 Mar 1995 LDS, 8/19/2007 Bard, "Telemarking is NOT a sport"
backcountry-1995-oct Backcountry #4 Oct 1995 LDS, 8/16/2004 Alpine/Nordic equipment convergence, and more
Reference: Pemberton B.C. multiglisse traverse
backcountry-1996-jan Backcountry #6 Jan 1996 LDS, 8/16/2004 Reference: Mt Robson, North face ski descent
backcountry-1996-nov Backcountry #8 Nov 1996 LDS, 8/16/2004 Litz, "Livin' Large" (ski review)
backcountry-1996-dec Backcountry #9 Dec 1996 LDS, 8/16/2004 Petterson, "Sylvain Saudan"
Reference: Sierra long-board racing by Doug Robinson
backcountry-1997-jan Backcountry #10 Jan 1997 LDS, 8/16/2004 Reference: Trevor Petersen remembered by Scott Markewitz
backcountry-1997-dec Backcountry #13 Dec 1997 LDS, 8/16/2004 Reference: Steve Barnett vs. Martin Volken by Andy Dappen
backcountry-1998-jan Backcountry #14 Jan 1998 LDS, 8/16/2004 Ingersoll, "Wicked Wich of the West" (Mowich Face)
Reference: Allan Bard remembrances
Reference: Silcox Hut by Andy Dappen
backcountry-1998-nov Backcountry #16 Nov 1998 LDS, 8/16/2004 Reference: Andrew McLean profile by Doug Ingersoll
backcountry-1998-dec Backcountry #17 Dec 1998 LDS, 8/16/2004 Dappen, "$ummit$" (fee-demo) and more
backcountry-1999-nov Backcountry #20 1999 LDS, 8/17/2004 Reference: Sondre Norheim (based on kleppen-1986)
backcountry-1999-dec Backcountry #21 1999 LDS, 8/17/2004 Avalung vest
backcountry-2000-jan Backcountry #22 2000 LDS, 8/17/2004 Reference: Skoog review of new Burgdorfer guidebook
backcountry-2000-dec Backcountry #25 2000 LDS, 8/17/2004 Letter re: heavy gear
backcountry-2001-jan Backcountry #26 2000 LDS, 8/17/2004 Skoog, "Count Down on Mt Baker" and more
backcountry-2001-feb Backcountry #27 2001 LDS, 8/17/2004 Dornian, "Alpine Acceleration" (ski mountaineering races)
backcountry-2001-dec Backcountry #29 2001 LDS, 8/17/2004 Scott, "A Portrait: Don Gardner"
backcountry-2002-mar Backcountry #31 2002 LDS, 8/17/2004 Reference: Hurricane Ridge backcountry skiing by Jack Ganster
backcountry-2002-nov Backcountry #32 2002 LDS, 8/17/2004 Skoog, "Around the Big One" (Rainier circumski), and more
backcountry-2003-oct Backcountry #36 Oct 2003 LDS, 8/17/2004 Reference: Sherman Pass by Chad Coleman
backcountry-2003-nov Backcountry #37 Nov 2003 LDS, 8/17/2004 More alpine/nordic gear convergence
backcountry-2003-dec Backcountry #38 Dec 2003 LDS, 8/17/2004 Reference: Bill Briggs profile by Jeff Burke
backcountry-2004-jan Backcountry #39 Jan 2004 LDS, 8/17/2004 Reference: "The Future of Alpine Touring" (heavy duty gear)
backcountry-2004-feb Backcountry #40 Feb/Mar 2004 LDS, 8/17/2004 Last issue reviewed. Nothing noteworthy.
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