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These books are low on my priority list, either because they are tangential or because I don't have ready access to them.
ID Author Title Publisher Location Year Library Reviewed Notes
albouy-1947 Albouy, Robert Skiing Allais Technique Self-published Seattle, WA 1947 LDS - Schwartz: "Technical instruction book by student of Emile Allais."
amundson-1995 Amundson, Mavis Sturdy Folk: Personal accounts of life and work on the Olympic Peninsula Western Gull Publishing Port Angeles, WA 1995 LDS, partial copy from BPL - -
anrc-1940 The American National Red Cross Ski Safety and First Aid The American National Red Cross Washington, DC 1940 LDS, copied from MHC - -
bain-1897 Bain, J. Arthur Life and Explorations of Fridtjof Nansen Walter Scott London 1897 GHS - Schwartz: "Classic work on life of the famous explorer who skied across Greenland in 1888."
baldwin-1983 Baldwin, John Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis John Baldwin Vancouver, BC 1983 LDS - -
baldwin-1994 Baldwin, John Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis, 2nd Ed John Baldwin Vancouver, BC 1994 LDS - -
beck-1980 Beck, David Ski Touring in California Wilderness Press Berkeley, CA 1980 LDS - -
bein-1982 Bein, Vic Mountain Skiing The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1982 LDS - Schwartz: "Guide to Nordic mountain touring, alpine ski touring and the mountain environment."
berry-1991 Berry, William B. and Wentworth, Chapman Lost Sierra: Gold, Ghosts & Skis: Legendary Days of Skiing in the California Mining Camps Western America Skisport Museum Soda Springs, CA 1991 GHS - Schwartz: "Monumental ski history of California's gold rush of the 1850s, Snowshoe Thompson and beyond."
blair-1998 Blair, Seabury Jr. Backcountry Ski! Washington Sasquatch Books Seattle, WA 1998 LDS - -
bradley-1960 Bradley, David; Miller, Ralph; Merrill, Allison Expert Skiing Grosset & Dunlap New York, NY 1960 LDS - Schwartz: "Full range of technique including touring and ski jumping." Written by three former Olympians.
brower-1946 Brower, David R., ed. Manual of Ski Mountaineering, 2nd Ed. University of California Press Berkeley, CA 1946 LDS. I also have a photocopy of 1962 3rd edition. - Schwartz: "Classic guide to mountaineering technique for military ski troops." (Other editions in 1942, 1962.)
brower-1990 Brower, David R. For Earth's Sake: The Life and Times of David Brower Peregrine Smith Books Salt Lake City, UT 1990 LDS - -
burhenne-1971 Burhenne, Hans Joachim Sierra Spring Ski-Touring Mountain Press San Francisco, CA 1971 LDS - Schwartz: "Description of one-day tours to 28 peaks."
burke-2011 Burke, Dexter Oregon Ski Atlas Alpenglow Publishing Studio Oregon 2011 LDS - Photo guidebook to Oregon volcanos. No historical information.
caulfeild-1911 Caulfeild, Vivian How to Ski (and How Not To) James Nisbet & Co. London 1911 Mazamas, also Matt C. Broze has his father's copy - Schwartz: "Very early, classic work by leading British instructor who criticizes the use of one stick (pole). Nine editions were printed between 1911 and 1932."
cliff-1993 Cliff, Peter The Haute Route: Chamonix-Zermatt Cordee Leicester 1993 LDS - -
cram-2000 Cram, Bob You May Qualify As An Ancient Skier If... Ancient Skiers Association Seattle, WA 2000 LDS, courtesy of Irv Pratt - -
dawson-1986 Dawson, Louis W. Colorado High Routes The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1986 LDS - -
douglas-1950 Douglas, William O. Of Men and Mountains Chronicle Books San Francisco, CA 1950 LDS - -
dreyfus-1970a Dreyfus, Paul Extremes Auf Skiern Paul Neff Vienna & Berlin 1970 MB - Schwartz: "Trans (Ger): Extreme Skiing."
eichorn-1957 Eichorn, A.F. Mount Shasta Story Mount Shasta Herald Mount Shasta, CA 1957 KWG - Schwartz: "Mountaineering history of Mount Shasta, CA, with a chapter on skiing and ski area development."
elkins-1940 Elkins, Frank Complete Ski Guide Doubleday, Doran & Co. New York, NY 1940 KWG, Chuck Welsh also has a copy. - Schwartz: "Classic compilation, with chapters covering all aspects of American skiing and its development prior to World War II."
english-1984 English, Brad Total Telemarking East River Publishing Co. Crested Butte, CO 1984 LDS - -
eriksen-1966 Eriksen, Stein Come Ski With Me W.W. Norton & Co. New York, NY 1966 LDS, Mountaineers - Schwartz: "Skiing history, technique and recollections by Olympic champion."
fagerlund-1965 Fagerlund, Gunnar O. Olympic National Park, Washington U.S. Department of the Interior Washington, D.C. 1965 LDS - -
furse-1924 Furse, Katharine Ski-Running Longmans, Green & Co. London 1924 LDS - Schwartz: "Issued with paper board covers. The book is usually found rebound."
gabl-2000 Gabl, Franz X. Franzl II, An Autobiography Pictorial Histories Publishing Co. Missoula, MO 2000 LDS - -
goodman-1999 Goodman, David Backcountry Skiing Adventures: Classic Ski and Snowboard Tours in Maine and New Hampshire Appalachian Mountain Club Books Boston, MA 1999 LDS - -
goodman-2001 Goodman, David Backcountry Skiing Adventures: Classic Ski and Snowboard Tours in Vermont and New York Appalachian Mountain Club Books Boston, MA 2001 LDS - -
hallberg-1936 Hallberg, Frederik & Muckenbrunn, H. Complete Book of Ski-ing Greenberg New York, NY 1936 KWG - Schwartz: "Sections on climbing, equipment and racing."
harper-1946 Harper, Frank Night Climb Longmans, Green & Co. New York, NY 1946 LDS, partial copy from Mountaineers (since lost) - Schwartz: "Story of the 10th Mountain Division and its European exploits during World War II."
hartline-1981 Hartline, Jane and Nancy Smith Budrow Cross Country Ski Lodges: Washington, Oregon, Idaho Sauvie Island Press Portland, OR 1981 LDS - Schwartz: "Dozens of cross-country, high mountain ski routes, with maps and photographs."
hazard-1946 Hazard, Joseph T. Pacific Crest Trails, from Alaska to Cape Horn Superior Seattle, WA 1946 LDS, partial copy from EvtPL - -
henderson-1942 Henderson, Kenneth A. American Alpine Club's Handbook of American Mountaineering Houghton Mifflin Co. Boston, MA 1942 Mountaineers - Listed in Schwartz-1995
hennig-1948 Hennig, Andy Sun Valley Ski Guide Union Pacific Railroad Omaha, NE 1948 LDS, partial copy from TCL-SV - Schwartz: "Classic, fully illustrated guide to Sun Valley ski runs shortly after World War II."
huggins-1967 Huggins, Robert and Eleanor Skiing in the West H.M. Gousha Company San Jose, CA 1967 LDS - Schwartz: "Ski guide includes maps, trail layouts and descriptions of large and small ski areas in the western U.S."
iselin-1947 Iselin, Fred & Spectorsky, A.C. Invitation to Skiing Simon & Schuster New York, NY 1947 LDS - Schwartz: "One of the most popular instruction books in the U.S. Also published as Invitation to Modern Skiing in 1965."
jessup-1929 Jessup, Elon H. Skis and Skiing E.P. Dutton & Co. New York, NY 1929 KWG - Schwartz: "Early American ski book provides information on technique, level-snow gliding and climbing."
johnson-1905 Johnson Co., Theodore A. Winter Sport of Skeeing Tajco Sporting Goods Portland, ME 1905 LDS - Schwartz: "A shop catalog which includes the first ski instruction to be published in the U.S."
kearney-2002 Kearney, Alan Classic Climbs of the Northwest AlpenBooks Press Mukilteo, WA 2002 LDS - -
kelner-1980 Kelner, Alexis Skiing in Utah--A History Alexis Kelner Salt Lake City, UT 1980 KWG - Schwartz: "History of skiing in Utah, from Ecker Hill to Snowbird"
krucken-1937 Kruckenhauser, Stefan Snow Canvas: Ski, Men and Mountains with the Leica Photokino-Verlag Hellmut Elsner K-G Berlin 1937 LDS - Schwartz: "Beautiful black and white skiing photos by an old master."
kurz-1921 Kurz, Marcel Alpine Ski-Touring - London 1921 unknown - Listed in Schwartz-1995
lang-1936 Lang, Otto Downhill Skiing Henry Holt & Co. New York, NY 1936 LDS, from Carl Skoog collection - Schwartz: "A widely read book by an early Arlberg master on the Hannes Schneider method."
lien-2000 Lien, Carsten Olympic Battleground: The Power Politics of Timber Preservation The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 2000 LDS - -
loosli-1941 Loosli, E. Fritz Parallel Skiing William Morrow & Co. New York, NY 1941 LDS - Schwartz: "A Swiss teacher from Canada provides step-by-step instruction."
lunn-1920 Lunn, Arnold Cross-Country Skiing E.P. Dutton & Co. New York, NY 1920 LDS - Schwartz: "One of the earliest books by Lunn, describes skiing at Murren, Switzerland. 2,000 copies printed."
lunn-1929 Lunn, Arnold Ski-ing For Beginners Methuen & Co. Ltd. London 1929 LDS. I also have a 1st edition (1924). - Schwartz: "Introduction to skiing; follows Caulfeild's ski technique of a decade earlier. 2,000 copies printed."
lunn-1931 Lunn, Arnold Complete Ski-Runner Charles Scribner's Sons New York, NY 1931 Mazamas - Schwartz: "Early book on technique, including a chapter on setting a slalom course."
lunn-1935 Lunn, Peter High-Speed Skiing Stephen Daye Press Brattleboro, VT 1935 KWG, Mazamas, also Matt C. Broze has his father's copy - Schwartz: "Son of Arnold Lunn writes on how to ski fast. Based on his father's book, The Complete Ski Runner, and the work of Vivian Caulfeild."
mclean-1998 McLean, Andrew The Chuting Gallery: A Guide to Steep Skiing in the Wasatch Mountains Paw Prince Press Park City, UT 1998 LDS - -
mcneil-1990 McNeil, Fred H. & Stein, Joseph A. McNeil's Mount Hood Zig Zag Papers Zig Zag, OR 1990 KWG - Schwartz: "New edition of McNeil's 1938 book on Mount Hood history."
moynier-1992 Moynier, John Backcountry Skiing in the High Sierra Chockstone Press Evergreen, CO 1992 LDS - -
nsps-1980 National Ski Patrol System National Ski Patrol System Ski Mountaineering Manual National Ski Patrol System Denver, CO 1980 unknown - Schwartz: "Many later editions."
nelson-v1-1993 Nelson, Jim and Peter Potterfield Selected Climbs in the Cascades, Vol 1 The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1993 LDS - -
nelson-v2-2000 Nelson, Jim and Peter Potterfield Selected Climbs in the Cascades, Vol 2 The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 2000 LDS - -
obannon-1996 O'Bannon, Allen and Mike Clelland Allen and Mike's Really Cool Backcountry Ski Book Chockstone Press Evergreen, CO 1996 LDS - -
omland-1995 Omland, Erling Omar Hill Echoes Marshall Jones Company Manchester Center, VT 1995 LDS - Historical fiction centered on the 10th Mountain Division of World War II.
parker-1995 Parker, Paul Free-Heel Skiing: Secrets of Telemark and Parallel Techniques The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1995 LDS - Schwartz: "Demonstrates telemark and parallel techniques in all conditions. Forward by Yvon Chouinard."
paulcke-1973 Paulcke, Wilhelm Hazards in Mountaineering Oxford University Press New York, NY 1973 LDS, Mountaineers - Schwartz: "Translation of Die Gefahren der Berge, a work originally written by E. Zsigmondy in 1885, revised and updated in 1908 and 1933 by Paulcke."
paynter-1954 Paynter, Thomas Ski and the Mountain Hurst and Blackett London 1954 GHS - Schwartz: "Adventures on rope and ski."
petersen-1989 Petersen, Keith C. and Mary E. Reed Discovering Washington: A Guide to State and Local History Washington State University Press Pullman, WA 1989 LDS - -
portman-1985 Portman, Sally Ski Touring, Methow Style Washington Trails Association Lynnwood, WA 1985 LDS, partial copy from OC-GWM - -
power-1960 Power, Robert H. Pioneer Skiing in California Nut Tree Vacaville, CA 1960 KWG - Schwartz: "Early newspaper accounts of Snowshoe Thompson and the use of skis in the Sierra Nevada in the nineteenth century."
prater-1969 Prater, Gene Snowshoe Hikes in the Cascades and Olympics The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1969 LDS, partial copy from WPL. - -
prater-1975 Prater, Gene Snow Trails: Ski and Snowshow Routes in the Cascades The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1975 LDS - -
putnam-1991 Putnam, William Green Cognac AAC Press New York, NY 1991 LDS - Schwartz: "Well-researched book by one who went through World War II with the 10th Mountain Division."
rayner-1989 Rayner, Ranulf The Story of Skiing David & Charles London 1989 LDS - Schwartz: "General modern look at skiing history, with outstanding pictures."
richins-1999 Richins, Paul, Jr. 50 Classic Ski and Snowboard Summits in California The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1999 LDS - -
rickmers-1909 Rickmers, W. Rickmer Ski-ing for Beginners and Mountaineers Charles Scribner New York, NY 1909 KWG - Schwartz: "Technique by a student of Zdarsky. With photos. Chapter on 'Ladies on Ski.'"
robbins-1973 Robbins, Royal Advanced Rockcraft La Siesta Press Glendale, CA 1973 LDS, partial copy from OC-GWM - -
roberts-1973 Roberts, E. High Level Route: Ski Mountaineering in the Mont Blanc Range and the Pennine Alps West Col Productions England 1973 AHA - Schwartz: "Complete guide to skiing the High Level Route."
rocker-1946 Rocker, Richard A. This Was Italy Self-published Denver, CO 1946 LDS - Photographic and narrative impressions of the 10th Mountain Division campaign in Italy.
roget-1913 Roget, F.F. Ski Runs in the High Alps T. Fisher Unwin London 1913 LDS, partial copy from OC-GWM - Schwartz: "Accounts of ski expeditions and ascents in the mountains of Switzerland made by the reknowned author."
rose-1987 Rose, Eugene A. High Odyssey Panorama West Fresno, CA 1987 LDS - -
rusk-1924 Rusk, Claude E. Tales of a Western Mountaineer The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1978 LDS - -
rybizka-1938 Rybizka, Benno Hannes Schneider Ski Technique Harcourt, Brace & Co. New York, NY 1938 KWG - Schwartz: "Top Hannes Schneider instructor outlines the famous Arlberg technique."
sanders-2002 Sanders, Charles J. Above and Beyond: The Story of Rudy Konieczny, the Thunderbolt Trail, and the U.S. 10th Mountain Division Self-published Briarcliff Manor, NY 2002 LDS, courtesy of the author - Paper presented at the International Ski History Conference in January 2002. Superceded by sanders-2005.
schneider-1933 Schneider, Hannes and Arnold Fanck Wonders of Ski-ing Charles Scribner's Sons New York, NY 1933 LDS - Schwartz: "Classic book analyzes the Arlberg technique, with many freeze-frame photos. Translated from the German Wunder des Schneeschuhs."
schuster-1931 Schuster, Claud Men, Women and Mountains Ivor Nicholson & Watson London 1931 GHS - Schwartz: "Various tales of early ski mountaineering in the Alps and Pyrenees."
scott-1992 Scott, Chic Ski Trails in the Canadian Rocies Rocky Mountain Books Calgary 1992 LDS - -
scott-1994 Scott, Chic Summits & Icefields: Alpine Ski Tours in the Rockies and Columbia Mountains Rocky Mountain Books Calgary 1994 LDS - -
seligman-1936 Seligman, Gerald Snow Structures & Ski Fields Macmillan & Co. London 1936 LDS - Schwartz: "Monumental work on snow--the classic volume on snow and ice formations, with special relevance for the skier and winter mountaineer."
smythe-1929 Smythe, Frank S. Climbs and Ski Runs W. Blackwood & Sons London 1929 LDS, Mountaineers - Schwartz: "A premier mountaineer writes about mountaineering and skiing in the Alps, Great Britain and Corsica." (Author was commander of the Lovat Scouts, who trained in the Canadian Rockies during World War II.)
spring-1970 Spring, Bob and Ira, text by Harvey Manning The Key to Our Environment: Cool, Clear Water Superior Seattle, WA 1970 LDS - -
strom-1977 Strom, Erling Pioneers on Skis Smith Clove Press Central Valley, NT 1977 Mountaineers - Schwartz: "Traces Norwegian skier's life from Norway to Colorado to the Canadian Rockies to New England."
templeton-1945 Templeton, Kenneth S. 10th Mountain Division: America's Ski Troops Self-published Chicago, IL 1945 LDS, table of contents only, courtesy of Martin Hansen - Schwartz: "Probably the best and most comprehensive book on training and fighting of the 10th. Includes an actual Division patch on cover and dozens of bios and photos of members of the 10th."
thomas-1964 Thomas, Lowell Book of the High Mountains Simon & Schuster New York, NY 1964 LDS - Schwartz: "The spirit that drives people to the high mountains."
tinker-1971 Tinker, Gene Let's Learn Ski Touring: Your Guide to Cross-Country Fun Walker and Co. New York, NY 1971 NESM - Schwartz: "Step-by-step directions to make ski touring easy and fun." [I have a copy of p. 5 (intro), given to me by Stella Degenhardt.]
turiano-1995 Turiano, Thomas Teton Skiing: A History & Guide to the Teton Range Homestead Publishing Moose, WY 1995 LDS - -
unsworth-1975 Unsworth, Walt Encyclopedia of Mountaineering Hodder & Stoughton London 1975 AHA - Schwartz: "All about the mountains and ski-mountaineering."
vantilburg-1998 Van Tilburg, Christopher Backcountry Snowboarding The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1998 LDS - -
vaughan-1936 Vaughan, Norman D. Ski Fever Open Road Publishing Co. Boston, MA 1936 NESM, NSHF - Schwartz: "Booklet of superb ski photos."
vives-1999 Vives, Jean, PhD Backcountry Skier Human Kinetics Champaign, IL 1999 LDS - -
volken-2007 Volken, Martin, Scott Schell, and Margaret Wheeler Backcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mounntaineering The Mountaineers Books Seattle, WA 2007 LDS - -
waag-1997 Waag, David L. Oregon Descents: A Backcountry Ski Guide to the Southern Cascades Free Heel Press Portland, OR 1997 LDS - -
wallechinsky-1988 Wallechinsky, David The Complete Book of the Olympics Viking Penguin New York, NY 1988 LDS, partial copy from BPL - -
watson-1935 Watson, Norman J. & King, Edward J. Round Mystery Mountain Edward Arnold & Co. London 1935 Mountaineers - Schwartz: "Ski mountaineering around Mount Waddington, the highest peak in British Columbia."
watters-1998 Watters, Ron Winter Tales and Trails: Skiing, Snowshoeing and Snowboarding in Idaho, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park The Great Rift Press Pocatello, ID 1998 LDS - -
wedderburn-1954 Wedderburn, E.A.M. Alpine Climbing on Foot and With Ski Countrygoer Books London 1954 LDS - Author was second in command of the Lovat Scouts, who trained in the Canadian Rockies during World War II.
whitehead-1990 Whitehead, Jeremy, ed. Alpine Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering Handbook Ski Club of Great Britain London 1990 LDS - Schwartz: "Essential guide for mountaineering by the Ski Club of Great Britain."
wolff-1936 Wolff, Paul Ski and Camera Ruthenberg Color Photog. Hollywood, CA 1936 KWG - Schwartz: "Photographic instruction using skiers in the 1936 Winter Olympics as subjects. German text."
wood-1976 Wood, Robert L. Across the Olympic Mountains: The Press Expedition, 1889-90 The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1976 LDS - -
wood-1995 Wood, Robert L. The Land That Slept Late: The Olympic Mountains in Legend and History The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1995 LDS - -
wyatt-1953 Wyatt, Colin Call of the Mountains Beechhurst Press New York, NY 1953 GHS - Schwartz: "Inspiring photographs of mountains and skiing."
young-1920 Young, Geoffrey Winthrop Mountain Craft Methuen London 1920 AHA, MB - Schwartz: "Classic tome by a legendary mountaineer including a long chapter on ski mountaineering by Arnold Lunn."
zdarsky-1925 Zdarsky, Mathias Wandern im Gebirge Konrad B. Mechlenburg Berlin 1925 GHS - Schwartz: "Autobiography by the father of skiing instruction. Tran (Ger): Hiking in the Mountains."
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