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Couloir Magazine, 1992-2007

All issues listed below are from my personal collection (LDS). I reviewed every issue published after V-1 (Oct/Nov 1992) except VI-2 (Dec/Jan 1993-94). If no issue is listed for a particular month, it means I found nothing noteworthy in it. If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. If you have issues prior to Oct/Nov 1992 that I could borrow, please click here. The ID column below has links to review notes.

ID Title Date Reviewed Notes
couloir-1992-mar Couloir IV-3 Mar/Apr 1992 LDS, 8/4/2004 Kutches, "Snowshoe Review"
couloir-1992-oct Couloir V-1 Oct/Nov 1992 LDS, 8/4/2004 Barnett, "A Hut is Born" (Panther Basin), plus plastic telemark boots
couloir-1993-feb Couloir V-3 Feb/Mar 1993 LDS, 8/5/2004 Dostie, "Silcox Hut"
couloir-1993-apr Couloir V-4 Apr/May 1993 LDS, 8/5/2004 Stephanie Subak cover photo skiing Primus Peak, NCNP
Dostie, "Kodachrome Courage"
Dawson, "Snowmobiles"
Reference: Fuhrer Finger by Don Pattison
couloir-1993-oct Couloir VI-1 Oct/Nov 1993 LDS, 8/5/2004 Chris Landry on extreme skiing, plus fat ski review
couloir-1994-feb Couloir VI-3 Feb/Mar 1994 LDS, 8/5/2004 Secret spots, plus binding review
Reference: Pedal hop turns
couloir-1994-oct Couloir VII-1 Oct/Nov 1994 LDS, 8/5/2004 Simmons, "Not Afraid of the Dark" (Black Ice Couloir)
couloir-1995-feb Couloir VII-3 Feb/Mar 1995 LDS, 8/6/2004 Reference: Backbone Ridge traverse by Gordon Thomson
couloir-1995-oct Couloir VIII-1 Oct/Nov 1995 LDS, 8/6/2004 Multiglisse Traverse, self-arrest on skis
couloir-1996-feb Couloir VIII-3 Feb/Mar 1996 LDS, 8/9/2004 Dawson, "Extremitis"
Reference: Bill Briggs profile by Lou Dawson
Reference: Mt Robson, North face ski descent
couloir-1996-apr Couloir VIII-4 Apr/May 1996 LDS, 8/9/2004 Barnett, "Doing the Cascades Inside Out" and more
couloir-1996-nov Couloir IX-2 Nov/Dec 1996 LDS, 8/9/2004 Vadasz, "Rating Ski Descents"
Reference: Fritz Stammberger profile by Lou Dawson
couloir-1997-jan Couloir IX-3 Jan/Feb 1997 LDS, 8/9/2004 Rassler, "Dave Beck: Sierra High Route Pioneer", plus plastic snowshoes
couloir-1997-mar Couloir IX-4 Mar/Apr 1997 LDS, 8/9/2004 Whippet self-arrest grips
couloir-1997-oct Couloir X-1 Oct 1997 LDS, 8/9/2004 Parker, "Shaping up in the backcountry" (shaped skis), plus Allan Bard remembrance
couloir-1997-dec Couloir X-3 Jan 1997 LDS, 8/10/2004 NW Avalanche Center funding crisis
couloir-1998-jan Couloir X-4 Jan 1998 LDS, 8/10/2004 Coombs, "Hood: Commitment on the NE Face" and more
couloir-1998-feb Couloir X-5 Feb 1998 LDS, 8/10/2004 Ten year anniversary of Couloir magazine
couloir-1998-oct Couloir XI-1 Oct 1998 LDS, 8/10/2004 Success Couloir descent, Mt Rainier
couloir-1999-spr Couloir XI-5 Spring 1999 LDS, 8/10/2004 Barnett, "Yurt Feelings" (Barron yurt) and more
couloir-1999-oct Couloir XII-1 Oct 1999 LDS, 8/10/2004 Record snowfall at Mt Baker
Reference: Fee Demo Program by Marcus Libkind
Reference: Doug Ward interview by Lou Dawson
couloir-2000-spr Couloir XII-5 Spr 2000 LDS, 8/10/2004 Dostie, "Paul Ramer: Crazy Like a Fox" and more
couloir-2000-dec Couloir XIII-3 Dec 2000 LDS, 8/10/2004 Davo Karnicar skis Mt Everest
Reference: Fridtjof Nansen profile by John Borstelmann
couloir-2001-win Couloir XIII-4 Winter 2001 LDS, 8/10/2004 Reference: Stephen Koch profile by Wade McKoy
couloir-2001-oct Couloir XIV-1 Oct 2001 LDS, 8/10/2004 Portman, "Steve Barnett: An Original Telemaharka"
couloir-2001-dec Couloir XIV-3 Dec 2001 LDS, 8/10/2004 Berwyn, "Telemark's Revivalist: Rick Borkovec"
couloir-2002-win Couloir XIV-4 Winter 2002 LDS, 8/10/2004 Reference: Mt Snoqualmie's Enigma Gully (Slot Couloir) by Greg Mueller
couloir-2002-spr Couloir XIV-5 Spring 2002 LDS, 8/10/2004 Stanford, "Peak Punishment" (Jackson randonnee rally)
couloir-2002-oct Couloir XV-1 Oct 2002 LDS, 8/10/2004 Alpental randonnee rally
couloir-2003-dec Couloir XVI-3 Dec 2003 LDS, 8/10/2004 Reference: Randonnee rally races by Susan Schnier
couloir-2004-win Couloir XVI-4 Winter 2004 LDS, 8/10/2004 Reference: Ben Manfredi remembrance by Charlie Berg
Reference: Snow kite review
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