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Off Belay Magazine, 1972-1981

I have a complete set of Off Belay magazines, thanks to John Meulemans, who gave me his collection. Another complete set is available at the Mountaineers Library. I reviewed every issue published during the period covered by the following table. If no issue is listed for a particular month, it means I found nothing noteworthy in it. If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The ID column has links to my review notes.

ID Title Date Reviewed Notes
offbelay-1972-jan Off Belay #1 Jan-Feb 1972 LDS, 6/22/2004 Firey, "Ski Mountaineering Equipment", and more
offbelay-1972-jun Off Belay #3 June 1972 LDS, 6/22/2004 Letters on ski mountaineering equipment
offbelay-1973-feb Off Belay #7 February 1973 LDS, 6/22/2004 Reference: Dolly Connelly on Mt Baker marathon
offbelay-1973-apr Off Belay #8 April 1973 LDS, 6/22/2004 Watson, "War Stories"
offbelay-1973-dec Off Belay #12 December 1973 LDS, 6/22/2004 Firey, review of "Wilderness Skiing"
offbelay-1974-feb Off Belay #13 February 1974 LDS, 6/22/2004 Tips on Silvretta binding
offbelay-1976-dec Off Belay #30 December 1976 LDS, 6/23/2004 Pargeter, "On Olympic Trail Shelters"
offbelay-1977-feb Off Belay #31 February 1977 LDS, 6/23/2004 Alpine ski mountaineering gear
offbelay-1977-dec Off Belay #36 December 1977 LDS, 6/23/2004 Reference: Portrait of an avalanche victim (and survivor)
offbelay-1978-feb Off Belay #37 February 1978 LDS, 6/23/2004 USFS avalanche forecasting for Snoqualmie Pass
offbelay-1978-aug Off Belay #40 August 1978 LDS, 6/23/2004 Extreme skiing, and more
offbelay-1978-oct Off Belay #41 October 1978 LDS, 6/24/2004 Heavy touring boots and Nordic Norm bindings
offbelay-1979-feb Off Belay #43 February 1979 LDS, 6/24/2004 Barnett, "Ski Mountaineering, Nordic Style", and more
offbelay-1979-apr Off Belay #44 April 1979 LDS, 6/24/2004 Letter on ski mountaineering, Nordic style
offbelay-1979-dec Off Belay #48 December 1979 LDS, 6/24/2004 Nordic style boots
offbelay-1980-jun Off Belay #51 June 1980 LDS, 6/24/2004 Mt St Helens eruption
offbelay-1980-aug Off Belay #52 August 1980 LDS, 6/24/2004 Remembrance of Joan Firey
offbelay-1980-dec Off Belay #54 December 1980 LDS, 6/24/2004 Nordic style skis, and more
offbelay-1981-feb Off Belay #55 February 1981 LDS, 6/24/2004 Last issue published
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