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Off-Piste Magazine, 1999-Present

I have a copy of every Off-Piste issue published during the period listed below. Several of the earliest issues are in my digital reference files, as I don't have paper copies.

If an issue isn't listed here, then I found nothing noteworthy for this project. If the Notes column says "reference," then the contents may be useful for future reference, but I haven't made detailed notes on them for now. The ID column below has links to review notes.

ID Title Date Library Reviewed Notes
offpiste-1999-spr Off-Piste #1 Spring 1999 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Nothing noteworthy
offpiste-1999-dec Off-Piste #3 Dec 1999 LDS LDS, 10/27/2013 Reference: Grassroots ski review (most skis < 70mm under foot)
offpiste-2000-feb Off-Piste #4 Feb 2000 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Reference: Ptarmigan Traverse by Gordon Thomson
Reference: Snowmobiles for backcountry skiing
offpiste-2000-spr Off-Piste #5 Spring 2000 LDS LDS, 10/27/2013 Reference: Mt St Helens snowmobile access debate continues
offpiste-2001-jan Off-Piste VIII Jan 2001 LDS LDS, 10/27/2013 Reference: Freeheel freestyle
offpiste-2001-mar Off-Piste IX Mar 2001 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Skoog, "Extending a Classic: Lured Back to the Ptarmigan Traverse"
offpiste-2002-jan Off-Piste XII Jan 2002 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Heli-assisted ski touring
offpiste-2002-mar Off-Piste XIII Mar 2002 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Ski mountaineering world championships
Reference: Forbidden Tour by Gordon Thomson
offpiste-2002-oct Off-Piste XIV Oct 2002 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Reference: March 2002 randonnee rally at Alpental
offpiste-2003-jan Off-Piste XVI Jan 2003 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Burr, "The Open Christie - A Naturalist View of Backcountry Skiing"
offpiste-2004-mar Off-Piste XXI Mar 2004 LDS LDS, 8/25/2004 Nothing noteworthy
Last issue reviewed
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