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The Avalanche Review, 1982-present

All issues of The Avalanche Review (TAR) were published by the American Avalanche Association. Online copies of the journal (PDF) can be found here.

At the time of my latest research (October 2017), online issues were available from February 2004 (Vol 22:3) to the present. Also, the first issue (Volume 1:1, October 1982) was available online. Issues between October 1982 and February 2004 are believed to exist in private collections. It is hoped that eventually those issues can also be digitized and made available online.

I have paper copies of issues listed in bold below. The ID column below has links to review notes.

ID Title Date Reviewed Notes
tar-1982-Oct The Avalanche Review 1:1 October 1982 LDS, 10/11/2017 First issue, edited by Sue Ferguson. ISSW in Bozeman, MT.
tar-1984-Oct The Avalanche Review 3:1 October 1984 LDS, 10/11/2017 Nothing noteworthy
tar-1985-Jan The Avalanche Review 3:3 January 1985 LDS, 10/25/2018 Reference: Yodelin case history, photos
tar-1985-Feb The Avalanche Review 3:4 February 1985 LDS, 10/25/2018 Reference: Yodelin's legal significance
tar-1985-Apr The Avalanche Review 3:6 April 1985 LDS, 10/25/2018 Profile of Mark Moore
tar-2004-May The Avalanche Review 22:3 May 2004 LDS, 10/11/2017 Earliest PDF issue available online during my review in October 2017.
tar-2004-Dec The Avalanche Review 23:2 Dec 2004 LDS, 10/11/2017 Knox Williams
tar-2005-Apr The Avalanche Review 23:4 Apr 2005 LDS, 10/11/2017 Brill, Gary, "Observations on Faceted Crusts" (Forbidden Peak avalanche).
tar-2005-Oct The Avalanche Review 24:1 Oct 2005 LDS, 10/11/2017 Colorado Snow and Avalanche Workshop (CSAW).
Ed LaChapelle, "The Ascending Spiral"
tar-2006-Feb The Avalanche Review 24:3 Feb 2006 LDS, 10/11/2017 Sue Ferguson passes.
Monty Atwater and the Avalauncher.
tar-2006-Apr The Avalanche Review 24:4 Apr 2006 LDS, 10/11/2017 Info on Norm Wilson, and more.
Remembrances of Sue Ferguson.
Jackson, Michael, "Artist Point Avalanche: Three Years Later"
tar-2006-Oct The Avalanche Review 25:1 Oct 2006 LDS, 10/11/2017 Norm Wilson obituary.
Oscar, the ISSW Wiener.
NWAC news.
tar-2006-Dec The Avalanche Review 25:2 Dec 2006 LDS, 10/11/2017 Information about the creation of AAA in 1986.
tar-2007-Apr The Avalanche Review 25:4 Apr 2007 LDS, 10/11/2017 Passing of Ed LaChapelle
tar-2007-Dec The Avalanche Review 26:2 Dec 2007 LDS, 10/11/2017 Marriott, Rich, "The International Snow Science Workshop Throughout the Years"
tar-2008-Feb The Avalanche Review 26:3 Feb 2008 LDS, 10/11/2017 Barnett, Steve, "Northwest Snow and Avalanche Seminar: NSAS 2007" Jackson, Michael, "NSAS: An ASAP Event"
tar-2008-Apr The Avalanche Review 26:4 Apr 2008 LDS, 10/11/2017 Wheeler, Margaret, "Backcountry Skiing & Gender"
Stimberis, John, "Dispatch from Snoqualmie Pass, WA"
tar-2008-Oct The Avalanche Review 27:1 Oct 2008 LDS, 10/11/2017 Matous, Ron, "Driving Doctor Ed" [LaChapelle]
tar-2009-Feb The Avalanche Review 27:3 Feb 2009 LDS, 10/11/2017 Ed LaChapelle library in Silverton, Co
Wilbour, Craig, "Northwest Snow and Avalanche Summit 2008"
Johnson, Greg, "Great Achievements in Avalanche Prediction Among America's First: Edward A. Beals"
Atkins, Dale, "History 101: Avalanche Cords"
tar-2009-Apr The Avalanche Review 27:4 Apr 2009 LDS, 10/11/2017 Stimberis, John, "Open by Summer: Chinook Pass, Washington"
Morrison, Patty, "Northwest Blaster's Seminar"
tar-2009-Oct The Avalanche Review 28:1 Oct 2009 LDS, 10/11/2017 Mike Stanford becomes WSDOT North Central avy supervisor.
David LaChapelle passes away.
tar-2009-Dec The Avalanche Review 28:2 Dec 2009 LDS, 10/11/2017 Bachman, Don, "LaChapelle Library Catalogued in Detail"
tar-2010-Feb The Avalanche Review 28:3 Feb 2010 LDS, 10/11/2017 Wilbour, Craig, "3rd Annual Northwest Snow and Avalanche Summit (NSAS)"
Emetaz, Roland, "ISSW Europe"
tar-2010-Apr The Avalanche Review 28:4 Apr 2010 LDS, 10/11/2017 1910 Wellington Tragedy
McCormack and Stimberis, "Small Unmanned Aircraft Tested for Use in Avalanche Control"
tar-2010-Oct The Avalanche Review 29:1 Oct 2010 LDS, 10/11/2017 Morrison, Patty, "12th Annual NW Forecasters Meeting"
Brennan, John, "Montgomery Atwater, Avalanche Hunter & Author"
Statham, Grant et al, "The North American Public Avalanche Danger Scale"
tar-2010-Dec The Avalanche Review 29:2 Dec 2010 LDS, 10/11/2017 Honoray memberships for creators.
LaChapelle-Hunt Educational Homesite (Alaska)
tar-2011-Feb The Avalanche Review 29:3 Feb 2011 LDS, 10/11/2017 Mark Moore - October 2010, Honorary Membership
Stimberis, John, "Pacific Northwest Happenin's"
Grove, Kevin, "Book Review: Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America"
Urban, Jake, "Snowmobile Avalanche Education in the US: The Seed of the Project"
Turner, Ken, "Youth Avalanche Education Programs in the Pacific Northwest"
tar-2011-Apr The Avalanche Review 29:4 Apr 2011 LDS, 10/11/2017 Stimberis, John, "NWAC Update: La Nina, Hooray!"
Henningsen, Oyvind, "In Memoriam: Monika Johnson"
Otter, Dan, "When Things Go Wrong"
June 2010 avalanche on Mt Rainier's Ingraham Glacier
tar-2011-Oct The Avalanche Review 30:1 Oct 2011 LDS, 10/11/2017 Wolfe, Lynne, "See you at the 'SAW'"
Stimberis, John, "Craig Wilbour Retires from WSDOT"
Grubin, Rick, "Avalanche Acronym Soup: AAA, NSP, AIARE"
Ferber and Abromeit, "US Avalanche Centers Survey" and more
tar-2011-Dec The Avalanche Review 30:2 Dec 2011 LDS, 10/11/2017 Stimberis, John, "Spring on Chinook Pass"
Early Swiss avalanche research
30 Years of The Avalanche Review
tar-2012-Feb The Avalanche Review 30:3 Feb 2012 LDS, 10/11/2017 Kostrewski, Dan, "Northwest Snow and Avalanche Summit"
Morin, Chris, "The MLK Event at Crystal Mountain"
Perla, Ron, "Early USFS National Avalanche Schools"
tar-2012-Apr The Avalanche Review 30:4 Apr 2012 LDS, 10/11/2017 Gadd, Will, "The Grand Delusion"
tar-2012-Oct The Avalanche Review 31:1 Oct 2012 LDS, 10/11/2017 Kramer, Kenny, "Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center"
tar-2013-Feb The Avalanche Review 31:3 Feb 2013 LDS, 10/11/2017 Standford, Joanne, "Northwest Snow and Avalanche Summit"
Emetaz, Roland, "Honoring Mark Moore, in 10 Lines or Less"
Ski Area Boundary Policies in PNW
tar-2013-Oct The Avalanche Review 32:1 Oct 2013 LDS, 10/11/2017 Kramer, Kenny, "Northwest Avalanche Center"
tar-2013-Dec The Avalanche Review 32:2 Dec 2013 LDS, 10/11/2017 Isaak, Jerry, "The Impact of Social Media on Decision-Making"
tar-2014-Feb The Avalanche Review 32:3 Feb 2014 LDS, 10/11/2017 Waag, Dave, "NSAW 2013 Summary"
Gaffney, Rob, "A Look at Sportgevity"
Roberts, Van, "Strategies from the Front Line"
Castillo, Rob, "Tunnel Vision at Tunnel Creek"
tar-2014-Oct The Avalanche Review 33:1 Oct 2014 LDS, 10/11/2017 D'Amico, Dennis, "Granite Mountain Avalanche"
tar-2015-Feb The Avalanche Review 33:3 Feb 2015 LDS, 10/11/2017 Stimberis, John, "Incident on Chinook Pass"
Fink, Patrick, "Educational Update from NSAW"
tar-2015-Oct The Avalanche Review 34:1 Oct 2015 LDS, 10/11/2017 Summary from NWAC during a poor snow year.
tar-2015-Dec The Avalanche Review 34:2 Dec 2015 LDS, 10/11/2017 Newcomb, Rod, "A Partial History of the Avalanche Industry in the 60s and 70s"
Bachman, Don, "Avalanche Record Storage"
tar-2016-Feb The Avalanche Review 34:3 Feb 2016 LDS, 10/11/2017 Stimberis, John, "December 2015: A recap"
Cohen, Tyler, "NSAW: 9 Things I Learned"
Pro/Rec Split: Recreational Guidelines Update
tar-2016-Apr The Avalanche Review 34:4 Apr 2016 LDS, 10/11/2017 Pro/Rec Split: Progress Report
Jackson, Michael, "Backcountry Communication Protocol"
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