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This table identifies useful web references. Since I don't trust web references to be permanent, I have in some cases made copies of the pertinent pages for my files. The Name column contains a link to the original website while the ID column has a link to my review notes.
ID Name Created/Managed By Copied/Reviewed Notes
www-asj-tioga-ski-1932, 1932 Tioga Pass ski crossing Unknown LDS, 11/26/2009 Northern California publication
www-alpinedave-com Dave Burdick - Personal website
www-alpineslider-com Sam Avaiusini - Personal website
www-nwac-us Northwest Avalanche Center site LDS, 5/21/2020 Information about avalanche accidents in the Northwest
www-carlskoog-com Carl Skoog - Photographer
www-cascadeclassics-org Ben Manfredi LDS, 11/25/2003.
Copied interesting pages to CD-ROM.
Personal website
Cascade ski descents from 1997-2003
www-cascadeclimbers-com Tim Crawford and Jon Ryan - Discussion board for Cascade climbers, skiers, etc.
www-cascadecrusades-org Jason Hummel - Personal website
www-uw-cig Climate Impacts Group University of Washington, Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean, Center for Science in the Earth System - Impacts of natural climate variability and global warming change on the Pacific Northwest.
www-hyak-net Jack Leeper - Lost ski areas of Washington
www-ipcc Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Envionmental Programme - Reports on climate change
www-isha-timeline ISHA timeline International Skiing History Association LDS, 5/27/2001 Timeline of important ski history dates
www-mtnphil-com Phil Fortier - Personal website
www-nwmj-org Northwest Mountaineering Journal Lowell Skoog - Journal of record for Northwest mountaineering, launched in 2004
www-offpiste-features Off-Piste features Off-Piste Magazine
Dave Waag, publisher
- Selected articles from Off-Piste magazine
www-proguiding-com Martin Volken - Mountain guide
www-skykilo Sky Sjue's website Sky Sjue - Personal website
www-telemarktalk-com Mitch Weber - Discussion board for North American backcountry skiers
www-tmda-chronology 10th Mountain Division chronology John Imbrie, 10th Mountain Division Association LDS, 7/23/2001 Chronology of the 10th Mountain Division in World War II
www-turns-all-year-com Charles Eldridge - Discussion board for Northwest backcountry skiers
www-wildsnow-chronology Wild Snow chronology Louis Dawson - Chronology of North American ski mountaineering
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