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Title Date Format Length Reels Video Transfer Archive Location Comments
Snow Slopes 1929-30 16mm, B&W, silent 19 min. 1 2004, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Whitehorse, Index, Chair Peak, Circle Tour, Red Mtn, Guye Peak.
Ascent of the Tooth 1940 16mm, color, silent 17 min. 1 2004, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Jim Crooks and Fred Beckey climb South Face of The Tooth near Snoqualmie Pass.
Ascent of Mt Cruiser c1940 16mm, color, silent 8 min. 1 2007, MiniDV UWSpecColl Climbing the South Corner of Mt Cruiser in the Olympics. (MiniDV tape has been lost, but we have AVI copy.)
Tumwater Canyon Rock Climbing 1940s 16mm, color, silent 21 min. 1 2007, MiniDV UWSpecColl Fred Beckey and friends demonstrate rock climbing techniques.
Ascent of Lighthouse Tower 1949 16mm, color, silent 23 min. 2 2004, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Fred Beckey, Joe Hieb, Pete Schoening, and Dick Widrig climb Lighthouse Tower in the Cashmere Crags (2 copies).
Alpine First Aid c1960 16mm, color, silent 26 min. 2 2010, MiniDV UWSpecColl Dr. Warren Spickard and others demonstrate first aid techniques for mountaineering. There are two copies of this film.
This is Self Arrest 1967 16mm, color, sound 9 min. 5 2010, MiniDV UWSpecColl Jim Whittaker narrates instructional film about self arrest. The film reel says "Pierce County Library #7." The Mountaineer Archives contain another reel labeled "Self Arrest (1)" plus originals of the film (A&B rolls) and soundtrack (audio tape).

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