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Title Date Format Length Video Transfer Archive Location Comments
Skiing Above the Clouds c1955 16mm, color, sound 12-1/2 min. 2004, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Ski traverse from Paradise to White River on Mt Rainier.
Ice Climbing on Mount Rainier c1955 16mm, color, sound 16 min. 2004, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Climbers ascend Mount Rainier.
Mountains Don't Care 1957 16mm, color, sound 20 min. 2004, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Safety film produced for the Mountain Rescue Council.
Ice Rescue 1957 16mm, color, silent 15 min. 2004, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Silent, extended version of crevasse rescue sequence in "Mountains Don't Care."
Paradise Ice Caves Tour 1950s 16mm, color, silent 8 min. 2010, MiniDV UWSpecColl Guided tour of Paradise Ice Caves on Mt Rainier.
Bob and Ira Spring, misc films 1950s 16mm - 2011, MiniDV UWSpecColl Miscellaneous films received from John Spring in 2007. Not fully documented yet.

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