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Title Date Format Length Video Transfer Archive Location Comments
Northwest Mountain Skiing, B.C. 1938 16mm, B&W, silent 10 min. 2001, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Skiing on Mt St Helens, Glacier Peak, and Eldorado Peak.
Mt Baker Ski Traverse May 1939 16mm, B&W, silent 25 min. 2001, DigiBeta UWSpecColl First summit ski traverse of Mt Baker, plus scenes around the Mt Baker ski area.
Skiing in the Olympic Mountains June 1939 16mm, B&W, silent 7 min. 2001, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Skiing in the northern Olympics, above Olympic Hot Springs.
Mt Rainier Ski Attempt and Up-Ski June 1939 16mm, B&W, silent 14 min. 2001, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Attempted ski ascent of Mt Rainier, plus trick photography.
South Cascade Glacier July 1939 16mm, color, silent 5 min. 2001, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Ralph Eskenazi explores the South Cascade Glacier in the North Cascades.
Mt Shuksan Climb August 1939 16mm, color, silent 18 min. 2001, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Otto Trott, Andy Hennig, Sigurd Hall, Fred and Helmy Beckey, John James, Joe McGowan, and Dwight Watson climb Mount Shuksan.
Dwight Watson 16mm Movie Extras 1920s-30s 16mm, B&W, silent 1-2 minutes 2001, DigiBeta UWSpecColl Clips from "The White Art" by Arnold Fanck and "Crags and Crevasses," a Kodak Cinegraph.
Dwight Watson 8mm Movies 1940s 8mm, color, silent About 6 hours 2001, DVCam (Pro-Image) UWSpecColl Skiing, mountaineering, nature, glory of water.

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