Paragliding - Wind and light
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Liftoff Liftoff
Mt Seven, B.C.

Evening silhouette Evening silhouette
Mount Seven, B.C.

Wind bundle Wind bundle
Pine Mtn, Oregon

Snake charmer Snake charmer
Mount Seven, B.C.

Echelon flying Echelon flying
Umtanum Ridge

Wing and clouds Wing and clouds
Dolomites, Italy

Overhead view Overhead view
Tiger Mountain

Afternoon shadows Afternoon shadows
Mt Snoqualmie

After work soaring After work soaring
Tiger Mountain

Sunset soaring Sunset soaring
Tiger Mountain

Even if glider manufacturers didn't use such wild colors and splashy designs, paragliding would still be an intensely visual sport. The sights of wind filling bright cloth, wings carving the sky, and light playing on clouds can be enjoyed by any pilot, not just those who fly hard or far.
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