Celebration of the life of Stephanie Jeanne Subak

This page has been created to share memories from the celebration of Steph's life in Seattle on August 29, 2015.

A copy of the printed program from Steph's memorial can be found here. A one-page insert listing the order of speakers can be found here. The memorial gathering drew over 400 people from Steph's family, outdoor friends, engineering colleagues, and school parent community.

The videos presented here were produced by Steph's friend Annette Frahm. They incorporate live video taken during the memorial by Bob Freeman and segments previously prepared by Annette and me. The video has been broken into several parts to make it easier to share on the web. You can choose a speaker from the list below:

Lowell Skoog Annette Frahm
Lynn Arnsdorf Tom Skoog
Jim Lico Scott Brown
Jim Cavoretto Closing Images
Paul Heydron  

The musical composition “The Polestar” was written and performed in memory of Steph by her friend Annie Phalen. I created a couple more videos several months after the memorial here and here.

Lowell Skoog, 12/13/2015

The Alpenglow Gallery