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Agnes Dickert Papers

Report on Climbing Guide

The Agnes Dickert collection contains a few papers pertaining to a 1946 proposal by Fred Beckey for The Mountaineers to publish a Climbers and Skiers Guide to the State of Washington. The climbing section was to be written by Fred Beckey and the skiing section by Dwight Watson.

According to these papers, the climbing guide project was started by the Mountaineers Climbing Committee in 1944. Fred Beckey and Bob Mulhall were tasked with securing a team to work on the guide. Beckey took over the work "and spent a great deal of time on it."

The guide includes information on history and geology as well as mountain routes. The ski section by Dwight Watson is described as "very good" and was expected to have wider selling appeal than the climbing section.

Note: This proposal was not implemented by The Mountaineers. Instead, the American Alpine Club published a climbing guide to Washington (with no skiing) by Fred Beckey in 1949. The Mountaineers began publishing Beckey's Cascade Alpine Guide in the 1970s.

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