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ID Created By Title Date(s) Library Reviewed Notes
dka-papers Allen, Dale K. Papers 1940s-70s LDS, courtesy of Chester Marler LDS, 9/28/2009 Various papers describing Allen's life on the east side of the Cascade mountains
laa-collection Anderson, Lloyd A. Papers 1930s-40s UWSpecColl, Accession 2648 LDS, 12/17/2004 Personal climbing notebook, Mountaineers climbing course, Recreational Equipment, Inc.
mbc-records Mount Baker Club Records 1928-2001 CPNWS LDS, 8/7/2002 Newsletters and scrapbooks
bpl-mtneering Bellingham Public Library Clippings file: Mountaineering 1953-87 BPL LDS, 7/20/2001 1941 Mt Shuksan ski ascent
bpl-mtneering-acc Bellingham Public Library Clippings file: Mountaineering Accidents 1962-87 BPL LDS, 7/20/2001 Reference: 1939 Bellingham College avalanche
bpl-baker-lodge Bellingham Public Library Clippings file: Mt Baker Lodge 1940-87 BPL LDS, 7/20/2001 Reference: Mt Baker Lodge
bpl-baker-marathon Bellingham Public Library Clippings file: Mt Baker Marathon 1961-87 BPL LDS, 7/20/2001 Reference: Mt Baker marathons
bpl-baker-rec-co Bellingham Public Library Clippings file: Mt Baker Recreation Co. 1967-84 BPL LDS, 7/20/2001 Reference: Articles based on heller-1980
bpl-other Bellingham Public Library Miscellaneous clippings files - BPL LDS, 7/20/2001 Reviewed but not relevant
mb-papers Borgersen, Mel Papers 1930s-40s LDS, courtesy of Rolf Borgersen - Rolf Borgersen kept some of his father's papers from the 1930s through 1960s, including a large collection of news clippings. I copied just a handful of interesting documents.
mvb-clippings Broze, Matt V. Clippings 1938-48 LDS, courtesy of Matt C. Broze LDS, 11/8/2002 Silver Skis
cec-clippings Campbell, Clarence E. (Buster) Clippings 1940s-50s LDS, courtesy of Buster Campbell LDS, 9/3/2004 Mountain troops
corff-2006 Corff, Nicholas Otto Trott: Father of Modern Mountaineering in North America 2006 LDS, courtesy of Nicholas Corff - Reference: Typescript compiled from Dr. Trott's memoirs and papers
ocd-inventions Daiber, Ome Notebook of patents and inventions 1930s-40s LDS, courtesy of Matie Daiber LDS, 12/9/2002 Gear and gadgets
ocd-mrc-scrapbook Daiber, Ome and George Sainsbury Mountain Rescue Council scrapbook 1949-56 LDS, courtesy of Matie Daiber - Reference: Newspaper clippings collected by Matie Daiber, assembled by George Sainsbury
ocd-ski-defense Daiber, Ome Ski Patrol and National Defense (papers) 1940s-80s LDS (digital references), courtesy of Joanne Daiber Warsinske LDS, 5/3/2014 Papers related to National Ski Patrol, rescue, and national defense in the 1940s. Military Mountaineering Advisory Group in the 1980s.
wsd-collection Degenhardt, William and Stella Journals and albums 1940s-60s LDS, partial copies courtesy of Stella Degenhardt LDS, 9/2/2004 Notes from 1947 Lyman Lake ski trip with Hesseys and 1959 Glacier Peak ski camp with Ira Spring and others. Also brief notes from 1959 Ruth Mtn ski trip and 1965 Gold Hill ski trip.
adickert-papers Dickert, Agnes Mountaineering papers 1930s-70s MHC, collection MTR.2018.1 LDS, 4/18/2018 Proposal for "Climbers and Skiers Guide to the State of Washington" by Fred Beckey in 1946 [digital file]
cfe-scrapbook Easton, Charles F. Mt Baker, Its Trails and Legends 1868-1942 LDS, purchased on CD-ROM from WMHA LDS, 8/20/2002 Easton's remarkable scrapbook prepared for the Mt Baker Club
ebgpl-clippings Ellensburg Public Library Clippings 1920s-30s EbgPL LDS, 9/25/2001 Cle Elum, Carl Solberg, Swauk ski bowl
firey-2006-climbs Firey, Joe Climbing Trips In Which Joe Firey Participated 1946-97 LDS, courtesy of Joe and Carla Firey LDS, 7/30/2008 Reference: 42-page hand-written record of climbing trips of at least one-week duration, in Cascades and Canada
firey-2006-skis Firey, Joe Ski Tour Trips 1954-2000 LDS, courtesy of Joe and Carla Firey LDS, 7/30/2008 Reference: 30-page hand-written record of ski trips of at least one-week duration, nearly all in Canada
galvin-papers Galvin, Dave Historical research papers 2010s LDS, courtesy of Dave Galvin - Silver Skis race and Beaver Lake ski jump [digital files]
goldthorpe-1980 Goldthorpe, John E. and Timothy H. Berndt The Mount Pilchuck Ski Area Story Circa 1980 LDS, courtesy of Robert O'Callahan LDS, 11/11/2002 Emphasis on ski patrol, 1956-80
mrg-1989-memoirs Gourlie, Melvin R. Memoir and stories 1989 LDS, courtesy of Duana Adams LDS, 5/22/2009 Hand-written memoir and stories from his life (digital photocopies, filed with my historic photos).
helleson-1972 Helleson, Linda The History of Skiing in Mt Rainier National Park Circa 1972 LDS, courtesy of MRNP LDS, 12/26/2000 Describes the growth of Mt Rainier as a skiing destination peaking in the late-1930's and its later decline.
cdh-papers Hessey, Charles D., Jr. Papers 1950s-80s MHC, collection 2009.9 LDS, 10/17/2009 Movie scripts, conservation, miscellaneous writings.
hpm-collection Holden Village Holden Portal Museum collection 1930s+ Holden LDS, 7/27/2002 Artifacts and clippings from the Howe Sound mine and the Lutheran Church community
jay-1944 John, Jay History of the Mountain Training Center 1944 LDS, copy from DPL-WHG LDS, 10/7/2002 Original manuscript that was "sanitized" for publication in 1946, according to Skiing Heritage, Fall 1995, p. 6.
gkallio-collection Kallio, Greg Backcountry ski magazine collection 1980s-90s LDS, courtesy of Greg Kallio - Articles from various XC/backcountry skiing magazines in the 1980s-90s [digital files]
langdon-c1982 Langdon, James TRACK! Circa 1982 LDS LDS, 10/28/2009 Recollections of ski patrolling at Snoqualmie Pass in the late 1940s.
long-1985 Long, William A. Pasayten Primitive Area Trek 1985 LDS, courtesy of Kathleen Long LDS, 11/8/2002 Account of 1940 winter trip to Gourlie cabin at Windy Pass.
jlundin-collection Lundin, John Ski history collection Collected since around 2005 LDS, courtesy of John Lundin LDS, 3/15/2014 Ski history references, mostly pertaining to Snoqualmie Pass area.
lyon-2019 Lyon, Tom History of Gold Hill Outdoor Club March 2019 LDS, courtesy of Tom Lyon LDS, 3/31/2019 Reference: History of Yakima-based Gold Hill Ski Club in Morse Creek near Chinook Pass and Crystal Mtn [digital file]
hmm-echo Majors, Harry M. Clippings, Leavenworth Echo 1900-1930s LDS, courtesy of Harry Majors LDS, 9/30/2004 Snowshoeing and skiing around Leavenworth, Trinity, Stevens Pass
hmm-monte-cristo Majors, Harry M. Clippings, Monte Cristo 1890s LDS, courtesy of Harry Majors LDS, 9/30/2004 Use of snowshoes and skis in Silverton and Monte Cristo mining districts
hmm-silver-creek Majors, Harry M. Clippings, Silver Creek 1890s LDS, courtesy of Harry Majors LDS, 9/30/2004 Use of snowshoes and skis in Silver Creek mining district
manning-2003 Manning, Harvey Forty Years of Fighting Forwards 1963-2003 LDS, courtesy of Harvey Manning - Collection of forwards from forty years of "battle books" published by The Mountaineers.
wjm-rainier-1927 Maxwell, William J. Winter Skiing Near Mt Rainier's Summit 1927 LDS, courtesy of Klev Schoening - Typescript describing two attempts to ski Mt Rainier in 1927. First attempt in early April, second in early May. This account is much more detailed than any published account.
mcconnell-memoir McConnell, Grant Family memoir Date unknown LDS, partial copy courtesy of granddaughter Carolyn McConnell LDS, 3/20/2005 Reference: Background on early climbing, skiing and wife, Jane Foster McConnell
mccown-2007 Susan McCown Biographical sketch of John A. McCown, II and C. Grove McCown 2007 LDS, courtesy of Susan McCown LDS, 3/13/2007 Reference: The McCown brothers were members of the 10th Mountain Division. John McCown was killed in the Riva Ridge attack. Grove McCown was the author's father. The author also sent me a few photos of the brothers climbing and skiing in the Tetons in the 1930s.
mcintyre-1999 McIntyre, Bob, Malinee Crapsey, and Kerstin Burlingame Transportation to Mount Rainier July 1999 MHC LDS, 9/8/2004 Reference: Matches info in kirk-1999, with additional details
mills-1966 Mills, Peggy Seventy Years of Mazama Skiing, 1897-1967 1966 LDS, made photocopy from Mazamas LDS, 11/6/2009 A chronological history based on Mazama bulletins and annuals
dm-papers Molenaar, Dee Papers 1960s UWSpecColl, Accession 4578-001 LDS, 11/16/2011 Letters from Jean Landry to Dee Molenaar sent to me by Blynne Olivieri, Northwest Curator. (I haven't reviewed the rest of this accession.)
mhc-bios Mountaineers History Committee Biographical files - MHC LDS, 8/27/2001 Anderson, Burr, Daiber, Davis, Degenhardt, Fairchild, Giese, Hossack, Mack, Mueller, Rand, Stark, Trosper, Trott
mhc-misc Mountaineers History Committee Miscellaneous files - MHC LDS, 8/27/2001 Patrol Race, mountain rescue, Mountaineer ski lodges, and more
onp-hart-lake-dev Olympic National Park, Cultural Resources Dept. Hart Lake Ski Development file 1960 LDS, selected items copied from ONP LDS, 9/7/2004 Seven Lakes Basin
onp-hurr-ridge Olympic National Park, Cultural Resources Dept. Hurricane Ridge Interpretive Project file 1950s LDS, selected items copied from ONP LDS, 11/11/2002 Recreational development
papl-bios Port Angeles Public Library Biographical files - PAPL LDS, 9/29/2004 Fairchild, Hughes
papl-other Port Angeles Public Library Miscellaneous clippings files - PAPL LDS, 7/26/2001 Mostly local ski areas
rei-catalogs Recreational Equipment Inc. Catalog collection 1938-85 REI LDS, 2/2/2003 Mostly winter catalogs
raaum-papers Raaum, Gus Papers 2000s LDS - Notes on the Scandinavian influence on Northwest Skiing, gathered by Gus Raaum for an article in the Nordic Heritage Museum's journal and sent to me in 2005 by Olaf Kvamme.
mr-papers Roberts, Milnor O. Papers 1900-1965 UWSpecColl, Accession 563-70-56 LDS, 1/31/2003 Contains information about 1909 and 1912 winter trips to Mt Rainier
grs-diary Senner, George R. Diary of World War II, 10th Mountain Division 1945 LDS, courtesy of Dee Molenaar LDS, 10/12/2006 Brief entries from January 1, 1945 through war's end
lds-1916-big-snow Skoog, Lowell Clippings, 1916 big snow 1916 LDS LDS, 9/24/2004 Reference: Seattle P-I and Times, 1/30/16 thru 2/7/16
lds-avalanche Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Avalanche - LDS - Reference: Need to review post-war clippings
lds-mt-baker Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Mt Baker Area - LDS LDS, 9/8/2004 Includes ski area
lds-climate Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Climate 2000+ LDS - Reference: Need to review
lds-gear Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Gear - LDS - Reference
lds-journal Skoog, Lowell Trip journal 1973+ LDS LDS, 1/2/2001 Record of outings
lds-misc Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Miscellaneous - LDS LDS, 11/21/2002 -
lds-mtn-troops Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Mountain Troops 1939-45 LDS LDS, 11/22/2002 World War II
lds-ncnp Skoog, Lowell Clippings, North Cascades National Park 1967-68 LDS LDS, 11/16/2004 Congressional hearings
lds-patrol-race Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Patrol Race 1930s LDS LDS, 11/22/2002 Course profile, map
lds-people Skoog, Lowell Clippings, People - LDS - Mostly obituaries, need to review
lds-mt-rainier Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Mt Rainier Area - LDS LDS, 11/22/2002 Includes Paradise ski area
lds-silver-skis Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Silver Skis 1934-41 LDS LDS, 11/22/2002 Reference: Seattle Times articles (1934, 35, 40); race programs (1939-41, 46); recollections of Don Fraser, Kjell Qvale, Wendy Trosper, courtesy of Joy Lucas
lds-ski-areas Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Ski Areas - LDS - Proposed, developed and lost. Some sources not reviewed.
lds-ski-patrol Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Ski Patrol 1945 LDS LDS, 11/22/2002 Reference: 12-28-45 NSPS Bulletin, kudos for war efforts
lds-snoqualmie Skoog, Lowell Clippings, Snoqualmie Pass Area - LDS LDS, 11/22/2002 Includes ski areas
lds-south-cascades Skoog, Lowell Clippings, South Cascades - LDS LDS, 9/8/2004 Excludes ski areas
tpl-tac-sports-ski Tacoma Public Library Clippings file: Tacoma, Sports, Skiing 1949+ TPL LDS, 6/7/2001 Tacoma ski schools
tpl-usarmy-41div Tacoma Public Library Clippings file: U.S. Army, 41st Division 1941 TPL LDS, 6/7/2001 41st Division ski patrol
tpl-wa-rainier Tacoma Public Library Clippings file: Washington, Mt Rainier 1945+ TPL LDS, 6/7/2001 Summit tramway, etc
tpl-wa-rainier-sports Tacoma Public Library Clippings file: Washington, Mt Rainier, Sports 1910s-50s TPL LDS, 6/7/2001 -
tpl-wa-mtns-baker Tacoma Public Library Clippings file: Washington, Mountains, Mt Baker - TPL LDS, 6/7/2001 Reference: Mt Baker marathons, chair lift, Slush Cup
tpl-wa-sports-ski Tacoma Public Library Clippings file: Washington, Sports, Skiing 1937-88 TPL LDS, 9/10/2004 Mostly developed ski areas
tpl-other Tacoma Public Library Miscellaneous clippings files - TPL LDS, 6/7/2001 Either reviewed and not relevant or not reviewed
ott-clippings Trott, Otto T. Clippings 1939-40 LDS, courtesy of Nicholas Corff and Harry Majors LDS, 10/23/2004 Mt Shuksan, Mt Index, Patrol Race
van-pelt-2011 Van Pelt, Julie Crystal Mtn Ski Area: For Skiers by Skiers 2011 LDS, courtesy of Crystal Mtn Founders Club - 50th anniversary history typescript
wshs-ephemera Washington State Historical Society Ephemera, selected 1925-38 WSHS LDS, 8/16/2001 -
rdw-record Watson, R. Duke Outdoor activities record of R. Duke Watson 1928-2000 MHC, courtesy of Duke Watson LDS, 6/3/2001 Dates, locations, names of companions, and highlights of hiking, climbing, skiing and canoeing trips.
dw-papers Watson, Dwight Mountain papers 1920s-1996 UWSpecColl, Accession 2170-003 LDS, 6/2/2001 Materials supplementing Watson's scrapbook, plus correspondence with mountain friends.
dw-scrapbook Watson, Dwight Mountain scrapbook 1920s-1996 UWSpecColl, Accession 2170-004 LDS, 3/17/2001 The definitive record of Watson's mountain trips, including accounts, dates, notes on companions, correspondence, clippings, observations, miscellany.
dw-shoeboxes Watson, Dwight Shoeboxes 1920s-1996 MHC LDS, 5/31/2001 B&W negatives and prints, movie notes, 35 mm slides, miscellaneous clippings, notes on trips and dates.
wpl-skiing Wenatchee Public Library Clippings file: Skiing - WPL LDS, 8/1/2001 Wenatchee ski pioneers
wpl-stevens-pass Wenatchee Public Library Clippings file: Stevens Pass - WPL LDS, 8/1/2001 First car to the pass in 1923
wsp-clippings Western Ski Promotions Clippings files 1960s LDS, courtesy of Joan Brown LDS, 11/12/2004 North Cascades National Park, developed ski areas
jbw-scrapbook Woodward, John B. Scrapbook 1931-1954 LDS, pages 1-42 (1931-39) and 57-67 (1948-54) courtesy of John Woodward, pages 43-56 (1940-45) copied from DPL-WHG. - Reference: Pre-war racing, WWII mountain troops, post-war ski instructing
woolf-tele-party Woolf, Suze Invitations to the Stevens Pass Telemark Party 1979-1995 LDS, - 16 years of invitations (photocopies)
yvrl-chinook-pass Yakima Valley Regional Library Clippings file: Chinook Pass - YVRL LDS, 7/21/2001 Highway history
yvrl-mountaineering Yakima Valley Regional Library Clippings file: Mountaineering - YVRL LDS, 7/21/2001 Reference: Claude Rusk
yvrl-white-pass Yakima Valley Regional Library Clippings file: White Pass 1951 YVRL LDS, 7/21/2001 Tourism
yvrl-white-pass-hwy Yakima Valley Regional Library Clippings file: White Pass Highway 1946-51 YVRL LDS, 7/21/2001 Highway history
yvrl-winter-sports Yakima Valley Regional Library Clippings file: Winter Sports 1953+ YVRL LDS, 7/21/2001 White Pass ski area
yvrl-other Yakima Valley Regional Library Miscellaneous clippings files - YVRL LDS, 7/21/2001 Reviewed but not relevant
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