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Ellensburg Capital, Jan 18, 1931 - "Ellensburg Skiers Win"

The Yakima Winter Sports club dedicated the American River ski course on January 11. Ellensburg skiers carried off most of the competition honors, led by Carl Solberg, former national and international champion. There were jumping, slalom, cross country, "rocky run," and gliding events.

Ellensburg Capital, Jan 25, 1935 - "Annual Ski Meet Sunday"

The annual tournament of the Ellensburg Ski Club is to be held at the ski course in Robinson Canyon on Sunday, January 27. The course is located eight or nine miles from Ellensburg.

Ellensburg Capital, Feb 1, 1935 - "Ski Tournament Handicapped By Poor Weather"

"For the third successive year vagaries of the weather handicapped contestants in the annual ski tournament held in Robinson canyon, and for this reason plans are being formulated to build a course in the Swauk." Events at the tournament included ski jumping, rocky run, cross country, and gliding contests.

Kittitas Co. Tribune, Mar 25, 1976 - Fassero, Peter, "Another Story: Fifth Annual Ski Tournament, 1928"

A look back at the 5th Annual Cle Elum ski tournament in February 1928. A photo shows Edward Guzzie and Lloyd C. Zeek, who crossed Snoqualmie Pass on skis to publicize the tournament. The men wear patches on their sweaters that say, "Summit Ski Club." They left Cle Elum at 4:30 pm and covered 50 miles in 24 hours.

Excerpts from the February 16, 1928 Miner-Echo are quoted. Carl Solberg, a former national champion and famed in Europe, was a featured attraction at the tournament. Other noted competitors were Chris Bakken of Centralia and Sigurd Hansen of Ione.

The results (from a later edition of the Miner-Echo) are summarized. The crowd was estimated at over 4,000. The largest delegation, outside of Cle Elum, came from Yakima. Two extra coaches were hooked on train No. 237 that morning. In the men's class B jump, Harold Peterson (Seattle) was first, followed by Walter Anderson. In the men's class A jump, Sigurd Hansen (Ione) was first, followed by Ivan Finsberg (Kent) and Carl Solberg (Easton).

Photo - "Yippee! He's up in the air and going places!"

Undated photocopy of a ski jumper at Cle Elum with a crowd and trees in the background.

Photo - "Swauk Ski Bowl"

Undated newspaper photo by Gene Prater of skiers and a rope tow, probably 1950s. Caption: "Swauk Ski Bowl near Ellensburg offers protected area plus three rope tows and warming hut to Kittitas Valley winter sports enthusiasts. (According to librarian Milton Wagy, the ski bowl was located near Blewett Pass.)

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