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Lowell Skoog - Clippings, North Cascades National Park
For copies of newspaper articles listed below, try U.W. Libraries.

The following articles pertain to hearings of Henry M. Jackson's Senate interior committee in Seattle, Mount Vernon and Wenatchee in May, 1967.

The following articles pertain to hearings of Wayne Aspinall's House interior committee in Seattle on April 19-20, 1968:

The following articles were published after the North Cascades Act was signed:

The following article (listed above) is noteworthy:

Seattle Times, Apr 20, 1968, p. 13 - Walt Woodward, "Witnesses Clash on North Cascades"

"A short, sharp interchange between Representative Lloyd Meeds of Everett, who has offered a park bill, and Ben Hinkle, Bellingham, president of the Multiple-Use for Cascades Club, marked yesterday afternoon's testimony. Hinkle had testified that it was 'foolishness beyond words' to set aside such a large area 'for the few who can hire a pack train or carry everything on their backs for extended trips into the wilderness.' But he aroused Meeds, a member of the subcommittee, when he testified that 'our own elected representatives in Congress...are not representing the wishes of those who elected them.' Meeds asked Hinkle if Hinkle had a financial interest in a mine in the North Cascades. Hinkle tersely replied, 'Yes.' Meeds, with a smile, excused him from further questioning."

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