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For copies of newspaper and magazine articles listed below, try U.W. Libraries.


The Oregonian, Apr 27, 1931 - "New climb record set"

"The existing record time from Portland to the summit of Mt Hood and return was shortened by one-fourth yesterday by a trio of ardent Alpinists of the Cascade Ski Club. The official time of 8 hours and 49 minutes, from Eighty-second and Division streets to the summit of the mountain and return, made yesterday by Andre Roch, Hjalmar Hvam and Arne Stene, all of Portland, is believed to be between three and four hours under the previous record." The article says that the climb was arranged by the Cascade Ski Club, of which Harald Lee is president. "It is the belief of Mr Lee that Roch, Hvam and Stene are the first to have made the entire ascent and descent on skis." Weather conditions were almost ideal for the climb. "A steady wind, which hindered their progress in the morning, abated before they reached Crater Rock."

Bellingham Evening News, Jan 6, 1932 - "Baker ski ground is given writeup"

The February issue of Physical Culture contains an article about the Mt Baker area by Milan Jank, who spent much of the last spring and summer at Mt Baker lodge (see physcult-1932-feb-p22). Of interest is the following note:
"Another woman who frequently visited Mount Baker lodge and who once was a guide there, Miss Elsa Hanft of Spokane, is pictured in Portland papers received by Manager Bert W. Huntoon as the only woman of a party recently to scale Mount Hood on skis."


Seattle P-I, Feb 6, 1987 - Foster, George, "St. Helens 'red zone' rule upset"

Judge Ted Kolbaba of Skamania County struck down as unconstitutional a 1980 governor's order establishing an Emergency Restrictive Zone around Mt St Helens. The judge said in his ruling that "there is no standard for common sense determination of when the emergency was over." The ruling overturned the conviction of two Seattle men apprehended on January 11, 1985, while skiing down the mountain. Thomas A. Howarth and Robert J. Stricker were found guilty of violating the restrictive zone order, a gross misdemeanor that carried a maximum sentence of one year in jail and $1,000 fine.

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