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Olympic N.P. - Hurricane Ridge Interpretive Project File

"Monthly Reports 1935 to 1940"

This is an extract, apparently prepared by Cultural Resources Dept. staff. A few items are noteworthy. On January 27, 1940, the Olympic Hot Springs resort hotel was destroyed by fire. In February 1940, Broadbent (a ranger?) patrolled Hurricane Ridge on skis investigating the possibility of developing a ski area more accessible than Deer Park. In 1940 the Deer Park area was transferred to Olympic National Park.

Port Angeles Evening News, Sep 27, 1952 - "Jackson Dedicates Alpine Lodge At Big Meadow"

Senator Henry M. Jackson dedicated the new lodge on Hurricane Ridge on September 26, 1952. The lodge, now 90% complete, will be finished and opened to the public next summer. An article on 9-19-52 says that the new Heart o' the Hills road to Hurricane Ridge is under construction and should be completed "several years hence." When the new road is open, the Hurricane Ridge lodge will operate for skiers in winter, instead of Deer Park. Meanwhile, Deer Park will continue to be open in winter. Papers on 9-29-52 and 10-2-52 contain photos of the new lodge.

Assistant Superintendent's Report, July 24, 1959 - Sedergren, Oscar A., "Report of Activities at Hurricane Ridge for the 1958-1959 Winter Season"

Hurricane Ridge, reached by the new Heart o' the Hills road, was opened for winter use on weekends during the 1957-58 ski season. This report describes the second winter of operation. There were three rope tows in operation, a beginner and intermediate tow just off the parking area, and a third on the north slope, on the opposite side of Hurricane Ridge from the visitor center. The tows are operated by Larry Winters of Port Angeles. Prior to the opening of Hurricane Ridge, Deer Park, 12 air-miles to the east, satisfied the local need for skiing on weekends since 1937.

Superintendent's Report, July 24, 1959 - Beard, Daniel B., "Report on Winter Use, Hurricane Ridge"

This memorandum, prepared together with the Sedergren report, above, notes that winter use at Hurricane Ridge is "definitely local and probably does not contribute to the economy of Port Angeles as much as had been expected." The author feels that winter use at Hurricane Ridge has been overemphasized. "From what we know now, we are going to opppose any extension of winter used such as additional ski tows or new slopes. We do not think it advisable to expand anything at the Ridge."

Port Angeles Evening News, Oct 24, 1976 - "Jackson statements give skiers boost"

"With Olympic Hot Springs going back to wilderness, the future of Sol Duc Hot Springs in doubt and removal of trail shelters a big issue, some skiers have been wondering if their future on the ridge might be a short one. Now along comes U.S. Senator Henry M. Jackson and says flat out he is in favor of a modern skiing facility in the ridge area." This article (and previous ones) make it clear that Jackson was a key player in the development of winter facilities on Hurricane Ridge and remained a strong supporter for many years. "At the time the lodge was built, he favored overnight facilities and still does."

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