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R. Duke Watson - Outdoor Activities Record
Duke's outdoor activities record extends from 1928, a fourteen mile Boy Scout hike along the Mississippi River (when he was about 12 years old), to 2000. I reviewed the record and noted entries to discuss with him in person. The entries relevant to this project are a tiny portion of Duke's record.

Army service:

1941, mid-March
Drafted by U.S. Army.
1941, December 7
Skiing at Paradise with Ralph Bromaghin, Paul Lafferty and others on Pearl Harbor day.
1942, Jan-Mar
87th Mountain Infantry training, Paradise Valley.
1942, Jul-Dec
Commanded U.S. Army advance camp to support testing of the Studebaker Weasel over-snow vehicle, Saskatchewan Glacier, Columbia Icefield.
1943, Mar-Aug
10th Mountain Division training, Camp Hale, CO.
1944, Jan-Apr
Mountain training for standard infantry, West Virginia.
1944, May-Jul
Commanded Army's Seneca Rocks Climbing School, West Virginia.
1945, February 24
Commanded Company I, 86th Mountain Infantry, which seized the summit of Mount Della Torraccia, the division objective, in the Appenine Mountains, Italy. Wounded on the summit.
Post-war ski mountaineering:
1947, March 23
Skied NW face of Mt Dickerman with Harold Sievers.
1955, May 7-8
Ski ascent of Mt St Helens with Rob Quoidbach and others, overnight at Longview Ski Club cabin.
1959, May 30-31
Mt Rainier, ski descent of Emmons Glacier, with Warren Spickard and Dave Wessel.
1960, August 20-29
Washington Pass pack trip. Some of the party climbed peak 7500' south of Early Winters Spire, later to be known as Wamihaspi Peak, after Watson, Milnor, Hall and Spickard.
1961, August 20
NW Peak, Twin Spires. Warren Spickard fell 800' to his death on the descent.
1962, February 17-18
Big Chiwaukum Mountain ski trip via Deadhorse Pass, with Tony Hovey.
1963, April 20-21
Snowking Mountain ski ascent via Cyclone Lake, with Tony Hovey, Vic Josendal, Cal Magnusson, Hal Williams and Hans Zogg.
1965, April 10-11
Snowgrass Mountain ski ascent, with Jack Hossack and Tony Hovey.
1967, May 13
Ruby Mountain ski ascent with Tony Hovey.
1980, May 17-18
Mount Sefrit climb with Tony Hovey and Hans Muller. Observed explosion of Mt St Helens.
Crystal Mountain Ski Area:
1953, April
Reconnaissance trip to Corral Pass to survey potential for ski area development, with wife Marillyn, Spike and Mary Lea Griggs, Don and Gretchen Fraser and others.
1954, March
Exploratory ski trips in Corral Pass area with Bill Black, Mel Borgersen, Walt Little, Ted Watkins and others.
1955, Mar-Apr
Exploratory ski trips in Corral Pass area.
1956, Winter
Start of intensive interest in upper Silver Creek area (eventually to be Crystal Mountain Ski Area) as a potential ski development site. Numerous visits to the area.
1957, Feb-Apr
Exploratory trips in Silver Creek area.
1958, February 22-23
Reconnaisance of Crystal Mountain, with wife Marillyn, Warren and Jo Spickard.
1959, April 18
Crystal Mountain reconnaissance trip.
1960, April 28
Reconnaisance trip to Crystal Mountain, with potential investors.
1960, October 16
Crystal Mountain work party, tagging and cutting trails, with other board directors.
1961, January 21-22
Exploratory ski tour, Crystal Mountain.
1961, June 24-25
Crystal Mountain trail work.
1961, Sep-Oct
Crystal Mountain trail work parties.
1962, January 13
Crystal Mountain exploratory tour with interested investors.
1962, October 20-21
Crystal Mountain work party, with various board members.
1962, November 14
Crystal Mountain Ski Area Grand Opening.

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