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Tacoma Public Library - Miscellaneous Clippings Files
These TPL clippings files didn't contain anything particularly relevant. Note that in the clippings files, "Times" means The Tacoma Times, published until the 1940s, while "Ledger" was the name of the Sunday Tacoma News Tribune ("TNT").
Title Reviewed Notes
Washington, Mt Rainier, Accidents 6/7/2001 -
Washington, Mt Rainier, Summit Climbs, 1930-60 6/7/2001 -
Washington, Mountain Climbing 6/7/2001 Mostly outside Washington
Washington, Mountains 6/7/2001 Some clippings about mountain rescue
Washington, Mountains, Cascades 6/7/2001 -
Washington, Mountains, Mt Adams 6/7/2001 -
Washington, Mountains, Mt St Helens 6/7/2001 Skimmed through 1980, mostly eruption info
The following clippings files may contain relevant info, but have not yet been reviewed.

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