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Tacoma News Tribune, Dec 14, 1949 - Clifford, Howie, "News Tribune School For Young Skidors"

Martin and Shirley Fopp will head the staff of a newly organized free ski school for Tacoma high schoolers sponsored by the News Tribune. Lessons start December 18 at Cayuse Pass. This is "the only recognized course of instruction operating in Rainier National Park." Mrs. Fopp, the former Shirley McDonald, was a women's national downhill champion and the only girl to win the Women's Silver Skis championship twice. Martin Fopp, born in Switzerland, is a three-time winner of the Parsenn derby.

Tacoma News Tribune, Dec 4, 1955 - Clifford, Howie, "Annual Tacoma Ski School to Open Jan. 7"

The Tacoma Ski School "comes home to Paradise Valley, Tacoma's own ski grounds, this year, according to co-sponsors, the Metropolitan Park District and the Tacoma News Tribune." Joe La Porte will head the ski school. This is the third season of the school. Attendance is expected to exceed 500 students.

Tacoma News Tribune, Nov 18, 1962 - "Ski School to Be Held At Crystal Mountain"

The Tacoma-Pierce County Ski School, in its 11th year of operation, will move to the brand new Crystal Mountain ski area. Joe La Porte will again be head instructor.

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