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Tacoma Public Library - Clippings, U.S. Army, 41st Division

Tacoma Times, Jan 10, 1941 - "41st Ski Patrol Begins Training"

Led by Lt. Ralph Phelps, a small ski patrol of the 41st Division began four months training on Mt Rainier in early January. The patrol comprises three sergeants, two corporals and 14 privates, plus a half-dozen replacements. The patrol returned to Camp Murray and plans similar drills on the mountain each week on Thursday and Friday. Training for the first month will concentrate on perfecting skiing technique, but in the months to follow will include scouting, reconnaissance, marching, concealment, comouflage and combat. The article mentions some of the special equipment used to outfit the men.

Tacoma Times, Mar 4, 1941 - "41st Division's Skiers Training"

The 41st Division ski patrol has moved into quarters at Longmire recently vacated by the 3rd Division's ski patrol. They are settling into "routine but rigorous" training on Mt Rainier. Lt. Ralph Phelps of Spokane is commander of the patrol. He is being aided by Lt. John Woodward, who was an officer in the 3rd Division patrol and who was loaned to the 41st Division when the 3rd Division patrol broke camp last week.

Tacoma Times, Apr 5, 1941 - "41st Ski Patrol To Leave Monday"

"The 41st Division's ski patrol, after weeks of rigorous preparation, will take off Monday on a gruelling 13-day cross-country maneuver--out of touch with the world except for signalling of observation airplanes and radio." In preparation, the patrol has made several five-day cross-country maneuvers, including one that was concluded Friday. The patrol started at Ohanapecosh at the southeast entrance to Mt Rainier National Park and ended their trip five days later and 45 miles away at Tieton reservoir. Trucks met them there and returned them to their base at Longmire. (Note: Neither John Woodward nor Eugene Winters recalled the Tieton reservoir trip, and the logistics of this trip, crossing White Pass in 1941, seem unlikely, so I suspect this is bad reporting.)

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