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Tacoma News Tribune, Aug 13, 1945 - Harper, Lawrence, "Proposes Tramway to Top of Rainier"

O.S Willumsen, a Seattle civil engineer, has proposed an electric tramway to the top of Mt Rainier. The tramway would start at Paradise Inn and would follow "ordinary incline tunnels driven into the lava rock." Willumsen also proposes to establish a hotel at the top of the mountain. "The hotel would be low and long, anchored solidly to the rock to withstand any kind of snow or wind storm." The article includes a photo of the engineer and another showing the route of the tunnel up the mountain, with the caption, "So all can climb Mt Rainier in comfort."

Unknown newspaper, Oct 30, 1947 - Spader, S.G., "Cost of Railway to Top of Mt Rainier Put at 6 Millions by Engineer"

O.S. Willumsen continues to promote his idea of an underground railway to the summit of Mt Rainier and has prepared elaborate drawings and cost estimates. The article includes some of the details.


Tacoma News Tribune, Sep 30, 1986 - Abe, Debby, "Mt Rainier feud"

Larry Penberthy, a heavy-industry engineer from Seattle, brought suit against the National Park Service to remove restrictions against public use of the Clark Schurman Memorial shelter at Steamboat Prow. His suit also seeks more back-country camp sites, preservation and reconstruction of trail shelters, and easier access to the Sunrise campground.

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