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Wenatchee Public Library - Clippings, Stevens Pass

Unknown newspaper, Jun 7, 1981 - "Pictorial Past"

Stevens Pass Highway summit was reached for the first time by automobile from the east side on November 2, 1923 by J.M. Myers, U.S. Bureau of Public Roads engineer; A.H. Sylvester, Wenatchee national forest supervisor; C.T. White, Wenatchee superintendent of parks; F.W. Shultz, president of the Commercial Bank and Trust Co. of Wenatchee; and John A. Gellatly, chairman of the Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce good roads committee. Construction on the west side of the pass began the next year. The pass was dedicated and open to through travel in 1925. The article includes a photo of the men at the pass standing in front of two cars. It also includes a short description of the trip to the pass.

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